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    Script Update 5.5

    Added new Mulholland Bank Interior Added new static actors inside new bank interior
  5. Previously once a gang captured a point it would be theirs for 24 hours, this has been increased to 48 hours due to the low population of players most points were constantly available for capture, it is with the intention of increasing the time to 48 hours that less points will be available for capture and invite roleplay situations for the ones that are available
  6. Features Added In 5.3 Furniture System Implemented!, Added 260 items of furniture available for puchase Feautures Added In 5.4 When gang members now capture points its for 48 hours instead of 24, this will allow Gangs/Families to hold onto the point for longer
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  8. Below is a quick guide on the basics of the furniture system NOTE!: IF FOR WHATEVER REASON THE SYSTEM STOPS ALLOWING YOU TO SELECT THE ICONS, PLEASE (/furniture) TWICE TO RESET IT! Step 1, Enter your house! You will notice that once your inside your house, you will see the default GTA:SA Furniture, now this is entirely up to you but if you wanted a "clean slate" and remove all of the standard furniture type (/unfurnishhouse) Don't worry, if you ever change your mind you can always (/furnishhouse) and it will re load the default furniture into your house Step 2:, Time to bring up the furniture menu! Type (/furniture) You will now see this in the bottom right corner Green house: Shows you a list of currently placed furniture $: Allows you to sell owned furniture Hammer: Allows you to to edit the positions, aswell as apply textures/colors/text to furniture items, once you have pressed the hammer these 2 circles will show up, the bottom one allows you to select and move existing furniture, the top on allows you to apply textures/colors/text to furniture Blue House: Buy mode, opens up the furniture catalog 2 Player Icon: Allows you to add and remove building permits for other players Exclamation point: This is the panic button! pressing this will instantly reload all placed furniture X: Closes the furniture menu Information point: Displays the (/furniturehelp) command Step 3: Select the BLUE HOUSE, this will then show this menu Step 4: Scroll through the menu's until you find an object you'd like to place inside your home, Once you have selected an object this dialog will pop up, You will notice it will tell you the $ price, aswell as the materials price! so make sure you have sufficient materials, Once you have pressed "buy" move on to step 5 Step 5: Placement! Once you have purchased an item of furniture this system will activate, use the editor to set the position and rotation of the item of furniture, once its where you want it press the "save" icon, Step 6: If you are presented with the below message then thats it! you're dont! this is the end of the tutoral, you now know how to effectively place furniture inside your home!
  9. Story Origins The origins of Dominant Corporation can be traced back to the year 1978 when John Whiteman, a young Indonesian male immigrated to San Andreas, USA from Jakarta,Indonesia. John's immigration to the USA was sponsored by his brother Ken Whiteman who had moved to the USA 10 years ago. John like others back home believed that Ken is living a true american dream. Few day's after his arrival, John learnt that what Ken had been telling everyone back home is a lie. Ken had told everyone back home that he was running a Indonesian Restaurant in Idlewood that went by the name of Sate Ayam Dinner and he is making good amount of money from it. While the restaurant did exist his source of income was not just the money he earned from the restaurant. Ken was running a small Handycrafts in Idlewood Such Like Statue , bracelet, Necklace. John initially resisted however eventually gave in and started assisting Ken with their Small business. John took control of Clothes business while Ken looked at the Souvenir business. 8 Years Later In year 1986, the business started flourishing and under the cover of restaurant, The Whiteman Brothers became more and more involved with the Business activities. Their name started to grow and other Indonesia Businessman in San Andreas started to hear their name. One such Businessman by the name Rivan Adityo who ran a Clothes and souvenir business in Las Venturas approached the Whiteman and offered an Cooperation. He offered his daughter "Syuti Kenney" to be married to one of the Whiteman. As Ken was already in a relationship with his long time girlfriend Niki. It was decided that John will get married to Rivan Adityo's daughter Syuti Kenney. John and Syuti got married on September 15, 1987. This marriage meant access to Las Venturas Clothes Business and Souvenir Business. A New Family Member In year 1987, John and Syuti became parents to a baby boy who they named Dean. John upon Dean's brith decided that his son Dean will never enter the Business world and will get the best education and hoped that he will Be a Lawyer. With growing popularity the name of John and Ken Business slowly started to gain attention by criminal group in San Andreas and this Newly formed Cooperation with Las Venturas businessman through marriage with his daughter meant that Clothes and Souvenir business in San Andreas was now dominated by John and Ken. Rise of Dean Buckley It was the night of December 25, 1990 when John and Ken were on their way to Deliver Supply Clothes just outside of Angel County Area. Where they were ambushed by unknown group of individuals. Killing both of them on sight. Their death meant the end of John and Ken Business and Syuti decided to leave San Andreas for good so that Dean grow up in an environment away from this mess. They settled in New York. Dean had promised his mother that he will never enter the line of work of his father and grandfather. he lived an honest life and got the best education he graduated from Law School and became a lawyer.One day after work his world turned upside down when he reached his home. What he saw his mother on the floor with stab wounds in her stomach she was dead for at least a few hours with the floor around her body colored in blood. Dean found a note on his mother's dead body "With Love from San Andreas". The Furious Dean Buckley has now decided to embrace the life a crime that his parent's killers and to avenge their death. Dean Buckley has now returned to Los santos to search for the killer of his parents.And Re-Build his parents Business, So he made a organization called Dominant Corporation , to dominate all Business In san andreas. Rank R9-Chairman R8-Vice Chairman R7-Head Commissioner R6-Commissioner R5-Manager R4-Secretary R3-Vice-Secretary R2-Veteran R1-Bodyguard R0-Recruit HQ Location
  10. Below is a guide on connecting and registering to the server Step one, open up your SA-MP Client, Select Servers, Add server like below Step two, once the dialog pops up to insert the IP, copy the below photo Step three, Press okay, And if it looks like the below photo your ready to connect! Step Four, Connect to the server! once you have loaded in you will be presented with this dialog Step Five, Enter in your desired password, once that is completed you will be presented with this Step Six, Once you have thoroughly read through the messages displayed in the dialog, press "Lets Play" shortly afterwards you will be presented with this, Note the Character standing in the bottom right, here you will be able to select Your Gender, Date Of Birth, Skin ID, And an Accent if you wish, Once you have added your own information, Select complete Step Seven, Once you have selected complete you will be presented with this dialog, it is the Referral system, if you have been referred here by a friend enter then Firstname_Lastname here!, they will receive rewards Step Eight, Once you have selected either enter, or skip in the above dialog you will be spawned shortly after and be presented with a final dialog asking if you would like to be shown around the server and obtain server objectives along the way, This is the end of the tutorial on how to register, we hope to see you in-game soon!
  11. EatLag

    Useful Links

    Below you will find some useful links provided by Next Level Gaming www.nl-gaming.net/nlgup (Image hosting service provided by Next Level Gaming) www.nl-gaming.net/downloads (Directory of downloads provided by Next Level Gaming)
  12. Please Copy Below into a new topic when applying for a gang/family, failure to use this template will result in your request being denied instantly Requested Gang/Family Name:: Requested Gang/Family HQ Location: Requested Gang/Family Rank Names (Maximum of 8) R0: R1: R2: R3: R4: R5: R6: R7: Background story on the gang/family (minimum 150 Characters):
  13. EatLag

    Gang Point Policy

    1) Point War; Out of Character Gangs are allowed to fight without role play and return to the point immediately after they've died. You're not out of character when going back to point when coming from the hospital, or heading to point and must consider anyone attempting to interact with you in a Roleplay manner. You may not enter a point to avoid Roleplay or exploit the point by entering it become OOC. You're free to begin shooting fifteen minutes before the point is available for capture, you are PROHIBITED to begin shooting before fifteenth minute mark (:45). When the point ends, you MUST stop shooting immediately. Punishment: Prison Sentence, Gang Warning, Strike (Depending on the situation). 2) Shooting after point Once a point is over, all members must stop shooting and leave the point. If a member is caught staying there and attempting to roleplay or shoot another person after point has ended they will be punished accordingly. Punishment: Prison, Strike if 3 or more members continue shooting after point 3) Attending point with two strikes Families are NOT allowed to attend points with two strikes. Punishment: Strike 4) Point alliance Helping another gang at point in any way. Punishment: Strike 5) Non-gang members attending point Unaffiliated individuals (Non-Official Gang Members) are not allowed at points. If a unaffiliated individual is found to be actively participating in a point then they will be punished. Punishment: A kick, prison only if repeated. 6) Lag capping If someone is found to be capping when they are desynced, lagging, or tabbed, they will be punished (It is your responsibility to know if your lagging/desynced). Punishment: Strike 7) Attending a point You cannot attend a point unless you have a gang member online who is able to capture the point. Additionally, you are not allowed to attend a point while being on 2/3 strikes. Punishment: Prison, Strike if 3 or more members 8) Point limits Gangs can only capture a maximum of 5 points. Probationary Gangs may only capture 1 point. 9) Repfam and gang skin at point During point wars, gangs are required to switch to their restricted gang skins for identification purposes, and also enable their /repfam Punishment: Kick, prison is repeated 10) Abusing vehicles in point Gangs may use their vehicles as barricades within points. They are not allowed to /park their vehicles inside the points. They are also not allowed to repeatedly car ram using them. Ramming someone once accidentally is not considered car ramming. Punishment: Prison 11) Exploiting /capture When you already attempted to capture the point you can not /capture on it again to prevent other gangs from trying capture it. Punishment: Prison 12) Using Animations in point You're not allowed to use ANY animations in point. Punishment: Prison, Strike (R5+) 13) Double Capping Capturing two points at the same time, or capturing a point while you’re already capturing it in order to prolong the point. Punishment: Prison 14) Gun Discharge exploits No gang members are allowed to CrackShoot or QuickSwap during a point. Punishment: Prison 15) Temp-ranking for point Gangs will not be allowed to Temp rank members to rank 5+ for POINT or TURF, This also means a Player who receives a R5+ can't claim/capture a Point/Turf in the first 45 Minutes of his promotion. Punishment: Prison, Strike 16) Gunfights outside of point You cannot join a gunfight outside of point. If someone is chasing a member of your family outside of the point you are NOT allowed to join. Punishment: Prison 17) Healing while capping Accepting a vest or using drugs while capping in order to avoid being killed. Punishment: Prison 18) Sniping into point Sniping into a point boundary is allowed however if you are frisked and are in a gang attending a point and you have a sniper, the person that frisked you has full right to kill you in or outside point. You can only shoot into point boundaries with your sniper if you are caught shooting anyone outside of point boundaries then it will be deemed as shooting outside a point. Punishment: Prison 19) Inviting players while there's an active point You're not allowed to invite any player before the start of an active point with 20 minutes. If you're caught inviting players just to help you attending point/inviting members from your gang allies to help you in the point, you'll get a strike immediately. Punishment: Strike
  14. EatLag

    Turf Policy

    Turf Policy 1.) Turfs are In-Character Gang-on-gang KOS is permitted within turf, but gunfights are IC events and will be viewed as such by Game Affairs. Gang-on-cop or cop-on-gang KOS is not permitted and there must be prior interaction; enforcement of KOS rules between cops and gangs in turf will be via the general server offenses. There are some additional rules for turfs that do not apply in normal gunfights, but all general server offenses still apply to turf. 2.) Turf Claim Groups are able to claim any turf, even if it is disconnected from their other claimed turfs. Groups may take as many turfs as they like. 2.5): Turf Claim Cont'd Only groups that can affect the status of a turf by capturing it or shutting it down may participate in the turf. This excludes the medical faction, who may heal other participants and defend themselves when shot upon, but not participate in the turf as active combatants. Military factions may not participate in turf unless all law enforcement factions are absent. A gang can only claim one turf. A gang may still attend multiple turfs as long as there is only an active capture on one. Factions may shut down more than one turf at a time. If you capture two turfs at the same time and don't immediately report your mistake to admins online you will be issued a strike. Punishment: Prison, Strike, group ban 3.): Revenge Killing in Turfs Turf participants are not allowed to RK to an active turf under any circumstances. Punishment: Gang Warn, Prison, Strike if two R5+and group ban 4.): Hiding in Turfs Hiding in turfs is prohibited. This rule includes being on roofs that are not visible from the street or by jumping on/towards them, and other buildings and constructs removed from the area of turf activity. You are allowed to fight from bridges over the turf because all bridges are accessible. Gangs may not camp unaccessible roofs outside of the turf zone unless such roof is accessible to all players. If such gang is planning to snipe, there must be sufficient roleplay before doing so, taking screenshots of the roleplay is also mandatory to avoid Sniper Deathmatching. Only one member per gang is permitted to snipe from outside the zone. Punishment: Gang Warn, Prison, Strike if two R5+, Warning, Group ban. 5.): Vehicles in Turf Turf participants may use a vehicle in turf for role play, but may not consistently drive around within the turf boundaries or use their vehicle to evade losing a turf capture. Fair use of vehicles in turf may be determined on a case-by-case basis by Gang or Faction Moderators. Punishment: Gang Warn, Prison 6.): Usage of Interiors Turf participants may not use any doors or enter an interior during turf. Punishment: Gang Warn, Prison 7.): Alt-Tabbing While in an Active War Turf participants cannot tab out of the game during a turf. Punishment: Gang Warn, Prison 8.): Gang Skins and /repfam Group members must have their group skin on while taking over a turf and must also have their /repfam or badge enabled within the turf. Punishment: Gang Warn, Prison * These punishments apply to all turf participants. If factions are found to break these rules then the individuals will be punished and Game Affairs will reexamine the leadership of the faction to be sure gameplay is fair and balanced for everyone. Punishments will be inline with the main server offenses in addition to these policies. Credit: Spencer Jameson, Kevin Kush, Darius Devil
  15. EatLag

    Gang Point Boundaries

    Listed below are the current point boundaries which may be subject to change at any time. Materials Pickup 1 Materials Pickup 2 Materials Factory 1 Materials Factory 2 Crack Lab Drug House Fossil Fuel Company Flint Intersection
  16. EatLag

    Script Update 5.2

    Below is a Compilation of changed to the Next Level Gamemode, These have been added from the various script updates posted here, to avoid clutter they have all been added here, and the other threads removed vip locker, namely the spas12 has been re'added, Turf system has been redesigned to allow easier editing /travel lsvip has been updated with different co-ordinates upon leaving the VIP garage to move the vehicles further away from the entrance to the new lsvip, Hitman agency has undergone some adjustments, and a few more /order locations added Some admin command changes aswell as their required levels Cleaned up some old unused code to make the script more efficient aswell Re designed VIP interior Spas12 added back to the VIP locker Point capture times adjusted Turf capture times adjusted Moved the VIP garage exit so its not as close to the vip entrance Redesigned some admin commands to make them easier and quicker to use Along with your hourly paycheck you also now receive 100 shop credits per paycheck to spend on the shop(s) Adjusted position of the MOTD Changed some textdraw draw distances Edited /ddedit so by default theirs no groupID assigned Adjusted the gates to auto fill out the basics Steamdistance/range/speed Admin command added to allow admins to give players Restricted Car Vouchers Lead Head Admin system has been implemented Slightly adjusted the new player spawn position Added the last 2 paint ball arenas Fixed up the crates in the mysql database Improved login message load time Adjusted the motd textdraw Re assigned certain admin commands to different ranks Fixed the /spawnatvip commandSlightly reduced the "objects loading please wait" timer, so you can move faster after entering/exiting custom interior You can now also use your car/restricted car vouchers anywhere! you no longer have to be at the NLG shop! Payphone system implemented (over 150 payphones currently places around the map) Timer bug fixes Points countdown bug fixed Arrest points system fixed Added Premium skins (0.3DL feature) Adjusted vehicle dealership prices to reflect new economy Adjusted some minor pricing of certain things across the server Adjusted casino business min/max bet prices Added custom toys (0.3DL imported objects, Currently only available by /shoporder) Further adjusted the arrest points Adjusted min/max of horse betting Boat License now costs $250 Pilot license now costs $500 Taxi license now costs $350 Adjusted Fines/Time for when your being arrested Added /buycostume inside clothing businesses Implemented payphones! Over 200 around the map Implemented street mailbox system Implemented parking meter system Reduced fine amount from speed cameras Reduced hourly paycheck amount according to new economy Adjusted price of every available toy (/buytoys) Adjusted cost of VIP phone numbers Adjusted new player start bonus Adjusted cost of sending mail Adjusted cost of GOLD+ VIP toys Adjusted insurance/hospital costs New player spawn has been changed to city hall removed nation selection from character creation (all players default to San Andreas) Nation of tierra robada has been disabled until the player base rises Before only money would save on HA+ admin accounts, this has been changed to allow Junior Admins and above Vip interior changes Locker updates Mysql updates Mysql saving system is now more dynamic and faster Updated the Gates system to allow the use of new model ID's Improved the toys/ toys editing system Improved the /editgroup commands Removed some old unused usless code that wasn't being used by anything Fixed the paintball system, aswell as setup the arenas, you can now play paintball! Marriage cost significantly reduced Advertisement/Priority Advertisement cost significantly reduced Cost of sprunk reduced Medical bill upon death significantly reduced Cost of everything in the hitman locker signifcantly reduced Max bail price Reduced Cost of /SMS reduced Hourly paycheck reduced ATM Fee reduced Taxi Licence Fee reduced Cost of Armour from VIP/Famed/Dedicated Significantly reduced Fines for /su reduced Trucked Job Relocated to LS, More information on this shortly Pay rates for all jobs adjusted according to the new economy (eg, dropping a patient off at the hospital used to give 20k, it now gives 2k.)
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  18. Kelly

    Gangs OOC Activities/Turf Rules

    Gang OOC Activities (( Points )) As a gang leader , You've to read these rules regarding gangs , So the point rules are simple and usual rules but you've to following them or if you'll be seen breaking any DGA Policies , you'll be give a gang warning (( strike )). 1. You need atleast one members with you and total members 2 (( including the L )). 2. There are some boundries of points (( will be mentioned down )) so you cannot shoot anyone outside the point, you can't shoot a person while if you're standing inside the point and he's outside the boundry of point. 3. You can use roofs in points (( doesn't matter if it's reachable ICly or not , as points are OOC )) 4. You can only cap one point at once. 5. A Family/group without any strikes can own 4 points , it's the limit, Family with 1 Strike can own 3 points only. While on the other a family with 2 strikes (( 2/3 )) CANNOT capture points, they can only claim turfs. 6. When /captured a point , you have to STAY INSIDE THE POINT till the point is over. 7. Vehicle exploits will are not allowed, mean if you're using a cover with vehicles , it's not allowed. 8. Once you enter the point, RK/KOS/DM is allowed as usual. (( To be updated ))
  19. As some of you may have noticed the Next Level Roleplay server came back online roughly a week ago after some real life problems got in the way of development and myself and the admin team came to a conclusion to shut down the server temporarily to fix some game breaking bugs all of the above issues have been resolved and what happened won't happen again, server hosting is covered for the next year and a half which includes are more stable and "beefed" up server host, previously the server was running Access to three HT CPU cores (Intel Sandy Bridge or better) 6068 MB of RAM 200 GB of RAID-protected storage 120000 GB of bandwidth transfer Now the main dedicated server of Next Level is boasting 8 virtual cpu's, and 35gb of ram pared with a 500gb SSD! the previous specs were enough to happily run the SA-MP and Teamspeak server but left no room for growth and expansion to other games and other servers, the new network has been pre paid for an entire YEAR! Their are also substantial protocols in place to ensure their is very little to no DOWNTIME! (excludes script updates and database maintenance) this new network is set to pave the future of next level gaming starting with samp, and moving forward offering more games and more servers for the community to play, The forums will be undergoing some changes over the next few weeks to account for the expected expansion across the entire network, We realize that the unexpected closure of next level role play has inadvertently causes players to leave and find other communities to enjoy sa-mp, so essentially we will be rebuilding the player base from the ground up, this is basically it for now so please, jump in game checkout the changes and browse the forums for anything new!
  20. As you may have noticed the Next level roleplay server is now officially running on SA-MP 0.3DL, Please click the button below to download the new client! Click This To Download
  21. Starting from the 14-4-2018 Next Level Roleplay is undergoing a considerable amount of changes, this post is set to be updated almost daily so i urge you all to constantly check back constantly for future planned changes/additions the estimated time until the "NEW" Script makes it to the main server is roughly 1-2 weeks depending on how quick and efficient i can code the gamemode, as currently the server is pretty Non-RP, for example the cost of most things are rediculously high, 2k for a phone, 150k just to place an advertisement, 10k for a vest, its just unrealistic and quite frankly bullshit, so this weeks goals are to nurf the cost and pay rates of EVERYTHING to a realistic value, below will be points that have been changed currently, the new script is currently going through constant testing and changes on the BETA SERVER Famed/Dedicated/Vip locker vest prices now $500 Advertisement cost's now vary from $1000-$3000 depending on VIP level Sprunk costs now $5 Payouts for all job reduced Cost of /vipnum reduced Maximum Taxi fare reduced Payout for dropping patient off at hospital reduced Cost of SMS/Phone calls reduced /namechange Reduced Lowered the payouts of /getgift Reduced all prices for the Hitman agency Reduced cost to rent/use paintball Adjusted maximum Fine/Bail amount for LEO officers Reduced Skin cost Reduced /buytoys cost on everything! Reduced /train Reduced to cost of ALL drugs which includes growing of POT Reduced the amount new players start with Their has been many many many many! more changes then just what's been listed above, you may have noticed that the Next Level Roleplay server is still on version 8.8, this is now considered highly outdated and personally SA-MP 0.3.7 Is aswell, which is why the BETA server is now on 0.3DL and this opens MANY MANY MANY!!!!! new opportunities such as custom skins that everyone will see! aswell as custom objects of any kind, Their are plans on adding Custom skins such as (batman/ironman/superman/the hulk/ and many others) available for players to pay a premium fee and show off these limited skins, This is set to be implemented once the final economy checks have been made to ensure a stable economy, Sure theirs going to be things we've missed along the way and players will get a much higher payout then usual but thats okay, we log everything and its very simple to adjust the payout, Now currently their are well over 100 player owned businesses in the game and the prices for the items that are forsale still follow the old economy structure, so this is going to be a somewhat difficult task re adjusting the business prices, the current idea is to LOCK all current businesses with the exception of the business owner being able to enter and adjust their prices accordingly, until then one business of EACH type will be setup in a central location owned by the SERVER where players can buy and sell things as they would normally do until the business changes have been made, A mysql script will be run the DAY before the switch to 0.3DL and the new script to adjust all players cash on hand aswell as money in the bank to comply with the new economy! thats all for now we look forward to seeing you all in-game soon!
  22. Henry

    The Future Of Next Level Roleplay

    The key to gain a players is "Patience" not "Excitement." Some of RP servers wait for 2 or more years before to gain a huge playerbase. Keep it open!
  23. State Department Contact List If you have any questions regarding the state department, feel free to contact any of the staff members below. Please do not disturb them, if you called them one more time and they didn't answer, do not re call them and wait for their call. Rank Name Ph. Number President Vijay Joshi 1 Vice-President - - Prime Minister Senator - - - - Staff Director Senior Staff Staff Security - - - - - - - - Feedback will be most welcomed! Thanking You For Your Precious Time ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ тнαnкιng уσυ Ꮃαrмℓу Ꮢєgαr∂ѕ *Ꮙιנαу Ꮰσѕнι* Head Administrator Public Relations "post my name with no spaces anywhere on the forums" 11/03/2018 - 04/04/2018 04/04/2018 - 11/03/2018 Community Positions (Excl. admin related) | Community Advisor | Helper Management| Head Administrator | Community Representative | Faction Moderator | Public Relations | Human Resource Roleplay Achievements Los Santos Police Department | San Andreas Government | San Andreas State Treasury | San Andreas President | Los Santos Senate Representative |Social Worker | Municipal Ward Representative *Ṇєχт Ꮮєνєℓ Ꮢσℓєρℓαу Ꮯσммυɴιту* | Specialists | | Cartel | Platanium | Imperium
  24. Santiago

    The Future Of Next Level Roleplay

    Ah, sad to see.. hopefully player count picks up again.
  25. Vijay_Joshi

    *Bill Proposal Format*

    *San Andreas Government* Public Relations Secretariat House Proposal Format 1. Senate term 2. Bill number - keep it consecutive 3. Bill Proposal or Constitutional Amendment Proposal: Title 4. Date started 5. Name of the senator who introduced this bill 6. Explanation and Terminology 7. Where would this bill take effect 8. Governing body that will oversee the bill and its duties 9. Penalty for non-compliance with the legislation 10. Enact date Sample Bill: 1st Senate #02 Abolishment of the Department of State 11th of April, 2018 President Vijay Joshi Explanation and Terminology: The Department of State has been lacking purpose for as long as it's been in existence. We should abolish the department and host nothing other than the chair of the President, Vice-President, Secretary of State, and Senators. There's a possibility we can keep one position open beneath the Secretary of State which would be Licensing Officials. They'd be assigned to either the Business Licensing Department or the Weapon Licensing Department and would handle applications, license seizures and so on before a chair opens vacant for their promotion. Where would this bill take effect: State of San Andreas. Governing body that will oversee the bill and its duties: San Andreas Government. Penalty for non-compliance with the legislation: Section not applicable. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  26. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  27. *San Andreas Government* Public Relations Secretariat House I. Introduction: San Andreas Senate is the sole legislative body of the state of San Andreas. Senate was established, protected, and empowered by San Andreas Constitution. Senate makes and enacts laws or constitutional amendments in the form of a public discussion and voting among senators. Citizens of San Andreas can voice their opinion via senators during a law-making discussion. II. Terms: As defined in San Andreas Constitution, senators serve terms of three (3) months each. III. Citizen Participation: The sheer number of people in the state of San Andreas will make discussions and forums very difficult to manage and reach a compromise if everyone were to given the access to a discussion. Senate was made so that people's opinion are organized by a senator and collectively represented during a discussion. Within this smaller group, discussions can proceed with a speedy manor while retaining people's opinion. Even though citizens might feel distanced from the government by this medium known as Senate and that they are not directly communicating in a law-making process, citizens are still encouraged to actively participate by contacting senators with your concern and your opinion. We do not want you to be discouraged from participating in shaping your state's law and policy. There are two ways citizens can actively participate in shaping political policies: Elections and communicating with senators. Election: At the very end of each senatorial term, elections will be hosted to elect new senators. It is the most direct way which a citizen influence the government. Election is not limited to selecting new senators! San Andreas Constitution Article IV Section 7 empowers citizens to start a recall election to remove senators. However, you must reach 60 votes in 10 days and an opposing senator must be chosen during the recall election. Communicating with senators: Senate is where additions, deletions, and amendments to laws and the constitution happens. Senate is always open for public to view. As a citizen you have the rights to contact your senator and exert your idea and opinion in an ongoing bill. It is senators' duty to reflect your will onto those discussions. If you feel like your senator is not representing your will, you can always start a recall election mentioned above. IV. Recall Election: San Andreas Constitution Article IV, Section 7 provides every citizen the right to recall a senator. A petition can be started at anytime within our website. SEC. 7. The process of recalling elected legislative officials is as follows: (a) A petition with the sole intent to recall the official must reach 60 valid signatures in the period of 10 days. (b) An opposing candidate must be chosen by the electorate through a recall primary. (c) A recall election between the recall candidate and the public official being recalled will occur, the winner of a plurality in this election will assume the contested office. V. Passing Legislation: The Legislative Branch of the San Andreas Government is tasked with voting on laws that will effect the entire State. For a bill that is introduced to the Senate floor to be passed into law it must go through the following process. 1. 1 week discussion period where Senator places their votes on the bill within that time period. If the bill fails to get a majority of the yes votes by Senators the bill will be rejected 2. The Bill passes a majority vote by the Senate and it will be presented to the President where he can sign it into law or Veto the bill. 3. The President has signed the bill or has not chosen to veto it within the 12-day period so the bill is now law and in San Andreas. SEC. 4. (a) Each bill passed by the Legislature shall be presented to the President. It becomes a statute if it is signed by the President. The President may veto it by returning it with any objections to the house of origin, which shall enter the objections in the journal and proceed to reconsider it. If each house then passes the bill by roll call vote entered in the journal, two-thirds of the membership concurring, it becomes a statute. (b) Any other bill presented to the President that is not returned within 12 days becomes a statute ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Feedback will be most welcomed! Thanking You For Your Precious Time ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ тнαnкιng уσυ Ꮃαrмℓу Ꮢєgαr∂ѕ *Ꮙιנαу Ꮰσѕнι* Head Administrator Public Relations "post my name with no spaces anywhere on the forums" 11/03/2018 - 03/04/2018 03/04/2018 - 11/03/2018 Community Positions (Excl. admin related) | Community Advisor | Helper Management| Head Administrator | Community Representative | Faction Moderator | Public Relations | Human Resource Roleplay Achievements Los Santos Police Department | San Andreas Government | San Andreas State Treasury | San Andreas President | Los Santos Senate Representative |Social Worker | Municipal Ward Representative *Ṇєχт Ꮮєνєℓ Ꮢσℓєρℓαу Ꮯσммυɴιту* | Specialists | | Cartel | Platanium | Imperium
  28. Hmm, didn't think i'd be writing this post as soon as i am, but As you all will have noticed the player count currently in next level roleplay, is uh' pretty shit, We went from 10+ players constantly slowly down to 8, then 5, then 3, now the server struggles too see 1, So basically here's whats going to happen, the Dedicated server will continue to run the roleplay server until the end of the month, If the player count rises, the server WILL not close, but if it remains the way it is unfortunately it will be closed and next level gaming will move forward and host servers for more modern games, the samp gamemode will still be developed and updated and the server will not be "gone" forever, it will come back, but this will be after months if not a year of re coding so it is unique in its own way, as that's the problem with SA-MP these days, everyone has everything and nothing is really unique anymore, This post will be updated periodically on any chances or updates regarding the various aspects of Next Level Gaming, Their will be talks throughout the admin team this week about the future and come to a unanimous decision regarding Next Level Roleplay, that's all for now
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