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  6. *Government Application Format* Public Relations Secretariat House Form No.2 Schedule I (( IN CHARACTER SECTION )) Personal Information (2x2 Passport Size Photograph) 1. Title: 2. Surname: 3. Forename: 4. Gender: 5. Age: 6. Date of Birth: 7. Nationality: 8. Phone Number: 9. Place of Birth: 10. Current Residency: 11. Email: 12. Do you posess any medical conditions?: 2. Language Proficiency 1. Can you communicate effectively and efficiently in the English language?: 2. Are you fluent in any language, other than English?: 3. Licenses and Permits 1. Do you possess a Vehicle License?: 2. Do you possess a SA Firearms License?: 3. Evidence of the said licenses?: 4. Birth certificate proof ((Stats SS)): 4. Experience and Previous Employment 1 Have you ever been employed by the Poltical Department before?: 2. If yes to the above question, please provide the Certifcate of your Past Employment: 3. Is this a reinstatement or a fresh application? 5. Personal Details 1. Why do you wish to join San Andreas Government Department? ((Min. 250 words)) 2. Write your personal biography: ((Min. 250 words)) 3.Why should we select you over other applicants?: 4. List any recommendations from currently employed members if any? ((Screenshot Proof )): 6. Past Achievements 1.Tell us about your past achievements and past employments?: Applicant Oath I,Mr./Ms.________________ certify that the answers contained within this application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. By agreeing below I hereby authorize investigation of all statements contained within this application for employment as may be necessary in arriving at an employment decision. I hereby understand and acknowledge that, unless otherwise defined by applicable law, any employment relationship with this organization is of an "at will" nature, which means that the Employee may resign at any time and the Employer may discharge Employee from the recruitment process at any time with or without cause. It is further understood that this "at will" employment relationship may not be changed by any written document or by conduct unless such change is specifically acknowledged in writing by an authorized executive of this organization. In the event of employment, I understand that any false or misleading information given in my application or interview(s) may result in denial and bar from re-application. I understand, also, that I am required to abide by all rules and regulations of the employer. (( OUT OF CHARACTER SECTION )) OOC Personal Information 1. Gender?: 2. What is your in-game level?: 3. Age?: 4. Country and GMT?: 5. List all previous names of current character?: 6. List all past characters?: 7. Do you have any Political experience?: 8. SS of /stats:? 9. Can you communicate effectively and efficiently in the English language?: (Kindly Note to Applicants) The Application Format provided under Form No.2 of 'Schedule I' should be strictly complied as per rules and regulations hearin prescribed by the State Government of San Anreas,any alterations or additions in the format procedure or providing false or misrepsentaion of any information under the Public Documents will be direct result into punnishable under Section 2 (10) Crimes Against Property, Section 2 (14) Fraud and Section 6 (14) Commission of Perjury. ___________ President Seal _____________ Ꮯσммυɴιту Hєℓρєʀ тнαnкιng уσυ Ꮃαrмℓу Ꮢєgαr∂ѕ *Ꮙιנαу Ꮰσѕнι* Ꭰєѕιgиαтє∂ Ꮯιтιzєn Ꭾʀєѕιɖєɴт Ꮥαɴ Ꭺɴ∂ʀєαѕ Ꮆσνєʀɴмєռт Ꮮσѕ Ꮥαитσѕ, ֆαn Ꭺn∂rєαs *Ṇєχт Ꮮєνєℓ Ꮢσℓєρℓαу Ꮯσммυɴιту*
  7. *Constitution of State of San Andreas* Public Relations Secretariat House Article I: State of San Andreas SEC. 1: The State of San Andreas is an inseparable part of the United States of America, and the United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land. SEC. 2: The powers of state government are legislative, executive, and judicial. Persons charged with the exercise of one power may not exercise either of the others except as permitted by this Constitution. Article II: Declaration of Rights SEC. 1: All people are by nature free and independent and have inalienable rights. Among these are defending life and liberty, acquiring, possessing, and protecting property, and pursuing and obtaining safety, happiness, and privacy. SEC 2: A publisher, editor, reporter, or other person connected with or employed upon a newspaper, magazine, radio, TV or other periodical publication, or by a press association or wire service, or any person who has been so connected or employed, shall not be adjudged in contempt by a judicial, legislative, or administrative body, or any other body having the power to issue subpoenas, for refusing to disclose the source of any information procured while so connected or employed for publication in a newspaper, magazine or other periodical publication, or for refusing to disclose any unpublished information obtained or prepared in gathering, receiving or processing of information for communication to the public. SEC 3: The people have the right of access to information concerning the conduct of the people's business, and, therefore, the meetings of public bodies and the writings of public officials and agencies shall be open to public scrutiny. SEC. 4. Witnesses may not be unreasonably detained. A person may not be imprisoned in a civil action for debt or tort, or in peacetime for a militia fine. SEC. 5. The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable seizures and searches may not be violated; and a warrant may not issue except on probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, particularly describing the place to be searched and the persons and things to be seized. SEC. 6. The defendant in a criminal cause has the right to a speedy public trial, to compel attendance of witnesses in the defendant's behalf, to have the assistance of counsel for the defendant's defense, to be personally present with counsel, and to be confronted with the witnesses against the defendant. The Legislature may provide for the deposition of a witness in the presence of the defendant and the defendant's counsel. Persons may not twice be put in jeopardy for the same offense, be compelled in a criminal cause to be a witness against themselves, or be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law. SEC. 7. In Criminal and Civil trials both parties have the right to a trial to be reviewed and decided by a Judge. The judge plays the role of the jury as finder of fact in addition to interpreting the law as it pertains to the trial SEC. 8. Treason against the State consists only in levying war against it, adhering to its enemies, or giving them aid and comfort. A person may not be convicted of treason except on the evidence of two witnesses to the same overt act or by confession in open court. Article III: Executive Branch SEC. 1. The supreme executive power of this State is vested in the Governor. The Governor shall see that the law is faithfully executed. SEC. 2. The Governor may require executive and state officers and agencies and their employees to furnish information relating to their duties SEC. 3. Unless the law otherwise provides, the Governor may fill a vacancy in office by appointment until a successor qualifies. SEC. 4. Authority may be provided by statute for the Governor to assign and reorganize functions among executive and state officers and agencies and their employees, other than elective officers and agencies administered by elective officers. SEC. 5. The Governor is commander in chief of a militia that shall be provided by statute. The Governor may call it forth to execute the law. SEC. 6. (a) Subject to application procedures provided by statute, the Governor, on conditions the Governor deems proper, may grant a reprieve, pardon, and commutation, after sentence, except in case of impeachment. (b) The Governor may not grant a pardon or commutation to a person convicted of a felony except on recommendation of the State Court SEC. 7. The Lieutenant Governor shall have the same qualifications as the Governor in the absence of the Governor. SEC. 8. The Lieutenant Governor shall become Governor when a vacancy occurs in the office of Governor. SEC. 9. The Office of the Governor alone has the power to issue orders that have the full power of law. These orders may be repealed and reversed by the senate with a 2/3s vote. SEC. 10. The recall of a person from executive office must abide by the following procedure: (a) A petition with the sole intent to remove the official from office must reach 75 valid signatures in the period of 10 days. (b) An opposing candidate must be chosen by the electorate through a recall primary. (c) A recall election between the recall candidate and the public official being recalled will occur, the winner of a plurality in this election will assume the contested office. SEC. 11. (a) Members of the State Executive Branch can be impeached for misconduct in office by the Senate and removed by a two-thirds vote of the State Senate. (b) Misconduct is defined as: A conviction of a criminal offense, repeated or severe violations of the State or Federal Constitution, abusing power for Personal gain, and accepting cash or gifts in returns for favors. If a vote for impeachment is passed the case is to appear before the State Supreme Court where final judgment is made. Article IV: Legislative Branch SEC. 1. The legislative power of this State is vested in the San Andreas Legislature which consists of the Senate, but the people reserve to themselves the powers of initiative and referendum. SEC. 2. (a) The Senate has a membership of 5 Senators elected for 3-month terms. (b) When a vacancy occurs in the Legislature the Governor immediately shall call an election to fill the vacancy. (c) Any persons convicted of a felony offence are not eligible to hold office in the legislative branch. SEC. 3. For the purpose of choosing members of the Legislature, the State shall be divided into 5 Senatorial districts. Each Senatorial district shall choose one Senator. SEC. 4. (a) Each bill passed by the Legislature shall be presented to the Governor. It becomes a statute if it is signed by the Governor. The Governor may veto it by returning it with any objections to the house of origin, which shall enter the objections in the journal and proceed to reconsider it. If each house then passes the bill by rollcall vote entered in the journal, two-thirds of the membership concurring, it becomes a statute. (b) Any other bill presented to the Governor that is not returned within 12 days becomes a statute. SEC. 5. A person who seeks to influence the vote or action of a member of the Legislature in the member's legislative capacity by bribery, promise of reward, intimidation, or other dishonest means, or a member of the Legislature so influenced, is guilty of a felony. SEC. 6. To meet the needs resulting from war-caused or enemy-caused disaster in San Andreas, the Legislature may provide for: (a) Filling the offices of members of the Legislature should at least one fifth of the membership of either house be killed, missing, or disabled, until they are able to perform their duties or successors are elected. (b) Filling the office of Governor should the Governor be killed,missing, or disabled, until the Governor or the successor designated in this Constitution is able to perform the duties of the office of Governor or a successor is elected. (c) Selecting a temporary seat of state or county government. SEC. 7. The process of recalling elected legislative officials is as follows: (a) A petition with the sole intent to recall the official must reach 60 valid signatures in the period of 10 days. (b) An opposing candidate must be chosen by the electorate through a recall primary. (c) A recall election between the recall candidate and the public official being recalled will occur, the winner of a plurality in this election will assume the contested office. SEC. 8. (a) Each bill proposed to the senate shall receive seven(7) days of time frame for discussion starting from the time at which it was proposed. (b) Senators shall only vote within valid time of respective bill. If a senator did not vote within a bill's discussion time, his vote becomes abstained. (c) An abstained vote shall be counted as the absence of a vote. (d) A bill can not be passed before the 7 day discussion frame unless all Senators have given their vote. SEC. 9. In the event of a tie in a Senate Vote the Lt. Governor should provide the tie breaking Vote. Article V: Judicial Branch SEC. 1. The judicial power of this State is vested in the Court of San Andreas. SEC. 2. The Court of San Andreas consists of the Chief Justice of San Andreas and 4 associate justices. The Chief Justice may convene the court at any time. Concurrence of 3 justices, Chief or associates, present at the argument is necessary for a judgment. An acting Chief Justice shall perform all functions of the Chief Justice when the Chief Justice is absent or unable to act. The Chief Justice or, if the Chief Justice fails to do so, the court shall select an associate justice as acting Chief Justice. SEC. 3. (a) Judicial appointments of associate justices are conducted by the Chief Justice. (b) All judicial appointments must be confirmed by the Governor within a period of 72 hours else the appointment will be reversed. (c) The Governor holds the power to reverse judicial appointments within 5 days of the appointment. (d) All Judicial appointees must be licensed by the San Andreas Bar Association to practice law within the State. (e) In the event of a vacancy the Governor can appoint a Chief Justice. Priority should be given to existing Associate Justices then to other Judges in San Andreas. SEC. 5. A judge or justice of the Court of San Andreas not practice law and during the term for which the judge was selected is ineligible for public employment or public office other than judicial employment or judicial office, except a judge of a court of record may accept a part-time teaching position that is outside the normal hours of his or her judicial position and that does not interfere with the regular performance of his or her judicial duties while holding office. A judge or justice of the Court of San Andreas may not seek public office while holding a positions within the Court of San Andreas. SEC. 6. A judge is disqualified from acting as a judge, without loss of salary, while there is pending an indictment or an information charging the judge in the United States with a crime punishable as a felony under San Andreas or federal law. SEC. 7. Any judge or justice accused of misconduct with supporting evidence while serving in the Court of San Andreas will be suspended through the duration of the investigation. The investigation will be conducted by the executive branch. If found guilty of misconduct the judge or justice will be removed by the Governor of San Andreas. (a) Judicial misconduct is to be defined as the following: Abusing Judicial power for personal gain, accepting bribes or gifts in return for favors, acting outside the Jurisdiction of the Court or the scope of official duties, intentionally ignoring laws, repeated or excessive violations of the State or Federal Constitution. Article VI: Amending and Revising the Constitution SEC.1. Amendments to this Constitution shall be done through a public referendum. This referendum must be proposed by either the Governor or through majority vote within the State Senate. Referendums must pass with at least 60% of the popular vote in order to succeed. President Seal _________ Ꮯσммυɴιту Hєℓρєʀ тнαnкιng уσυ Ꮃαrмℓу Ꮢєgαr∂ѕ *Ꮙιנαу Ꮰσѕнι* Ꭰєѕιgиαтє∂ Ꮯιтιzєn Ꭾʀєѕιɖєɴт Ꮥαɴ Ꭺɴ∂ʀєαѕ Ꮆσνєʀɴмєռт Ꮮσѕ Ꮥαитσѕ, ֆαn Ꭺn∂rєαs *Ṇєχт Ꮮєνєℓ Ꮢσℓєρℓαу Ꮯσммυɴιту*
  8. Dedicated Server Updates

    All servers are back online!
  9. Dedicated Server Updates

    Quick message just letting everyone know, that the dedicated server will be undergoing updates for a brief period of about an hour, among other behind the scenes stuff being implemented, so for the next hour-ish the SA-MP server and Teamspeak server will be offline, I will reply to this thread when all the systems are back online, we at NLG thank you for your support and patience
  10. Script Update 6.8

    The script has been updated to apply some changes to the vip locker, namely the spas12 has been re'added, Turf system has been redesigned to allow easier editing /travel lsvip has been updated with different co-ordinates upon leaving the VIP garage to move the vehicles further away from the entrance to the new lsvip, Hitman agency has undergone some adjustments, and a few more /order locations added Some admin command changes aswell as their required levels Cleaned up some old unused code to make the script more efficient aswell
  11. Adding a family or faction Section

    Please private message me with all the information on the family, aswell up to 8 rank names, and sections you require in the forums
  12. Adding a family or faction Section

    Well I want to start a family or gang also I'm able to post ss and ic videos to keep the thread updated
  13. S.H.A.F.T

    The Security Headquarters for Illegal Firearms and Trafficking is a Law Enforcement Agency based all over San Andreas (with their Headquarters being in Los Santos), so make sure you're likely to be based in those areas before you apply. It is considered an 'Expert Level' faction, as you need the following to apply: Level 6, Previous LEO Experience is preferred. Applicants are put under extreme scrutiny during application process. There are currently four divisions within SHAFT: General Duties [GND] | Anti-Trafficking Task Force [ATT] | Field Operations [FO] | Office of Professional Responsibility [OPR] In order to know whether or not this faction is the one you wish to join, you need to know in-depth information about the divisions that it holds. General Duties [GND] - The General Duties division is the default SHAFT division that new members and even some older members are placed into. General Duties simply perform a little of every task within SHAFT, but do not take any specific responsibility. Probationary Agents are placed into General Duties until they pick a division or reach the rank of Agent, and some members are General Duties because they are, for whatever reason, not a part of another division. Anti-Trafficking Task Force [ATT] - The Anti-Trafficking Task Force division is known for stopping the trafficking of illegal substances into the cities within San Andreas. One such method of doing so is setting up station at the several tolls around the country, and making sure that any vehicle passing them is not carrying anything illegal. They may document the inflow from different areas of the country in order to target those areas and put an end to it. Field Operations [FO] - Field Operations is the division that creates casefiles on dangerous suspects, documenting any form of crime that a suspect may commit, mainly focusing on the trafficking of illegal goods. They also assist Special Operations in capturing casefile suspects. Office of Professional Responsibility [OPR] - The Office of Professional Responsibility is unique in the fact that it has two sub-tasks, Internal Affairs and Training and Recruitment. The OPR is the most elite division within SHAFT, dealing with both corruption and the introduction of new members. However, despite it being classified as the same division, Internal Affairs and the Training and Recruitment departments do not get involved with each other's work. The OPR takes authority over situations in front of any other division on the field. OPR have the authority to investigate any other government factions other than the Government itself, the FBI and NOOSE. Director Nu.
  14. *FBI Application*-((*Ꮙιנαу Ꮰσѕнι*))

    Passed. Please connect to teamspeak and wait me there for the interview.
  15. *Application for FBI Department* Surname: Vijay Forename: Joshi Gender(IC): Male Gender(OOC): Male In-game level(OOC): 5 Age(OOC): 25 Age(IC): 26 Phone Number (IC): 191554 Geographical location(OOC): New Delhi,India (Asia) Screenshot of your Stats(OOC): Screen shot No.1 : Stats (Page First) Screen shot No.2 : Stats (Page Second) Screen shot No.3 : Licenses Have you passed Level 3 with any character on this server?(OOC): Yes, with my only character Vijay Joshi How long have you been a citizen of this server?(OOC): 27/02/2018 Are you currently in employment?: Yes,i am If yes, what is your current occupation?: Position: Corporal ,Los Santos Police Department Have you ever been convicted for a serious crime?: No Have you ever served time in prison?: No Can you communicate effectively in the English language?(OOC): Yes,i do. Do you hold a full Los Santos Driving License?: Yes,i do. Has your driving license ever been suspended?: No Life Story(Minimum 250 words): I was born in 1992/01/01 at 05:22 my mother gave birth to me at All Saints general hospital at the MNC clinic. When I was 6 my mother passed away in a car accident unfortunately, that left me to myself due to that my father left my mother a few months after my birth. I had two younger brothers and one sister but I've never seen them. When I was 6 I was put into a foster care and I had difficulties adjusting to the new environment at first but that changed after a few months living with them. They raised me as one of their own kids they treated me well and was helping me out a lot with the struggle I've been through. My foster dad had a cousin that was a professor at the University of Los Santos. I was with him a few days watching him work and that saw what astonishing work he had accomplished with different criminal incidents. That made me think that I'd like to become a FBI Agent. At the age of 15 he took me in as his youngest recruit ever and started teaching me the basics of the criminology and that elaborated quickly I started to read about the proclaimed offenders on a cellular level and I was sent into a whole new world. I studied for 5 years straight and graduated as a regular Law student with the specialty of Law & Crimes. After that, I read 3 more years to become a Police Officer and that went successfully. I started working for a Los Santos Police Department after my graduation.On my way in the working with Los Santos Police Department i like to expand the possibilities of my skills,experience,talents & knowledge which i have gained in the past years so now as per my aspirations and motivation i got from my proffessor i decided to place my steps towards the higher authoritative department that is FBI. Tell us about yourself and why you want to be in the FBI(IC):(Minimum 200 words) I am applying for this 'FBI Department' because I wish to serve and protect the city with my life. A good citizen must try to develop and serve his country to make it great and the best way to do it directly is to become an employer within the FBI Department. If I join the FBI Department, I would discharge my heart and soul to this job. The city is an one big nasty place and the people of the city is not safe anywhere. And the protection of the citizen is valuable. I want to be a part of the FBI Department and help the fellow citizens, as well as to protect them with my life. I don't care about my life, my first priority is to protect the people of the city and I can assure that. I will do anything to protect them. And if you want to ensure the citizens security, you need trust worthy and loyal officer, and I am one of them. So if I join the FBI Department , it would be a great help to the city and I will be glad to fulfill and discharge my duties perfectly as a fellow people of the city. Also, i have few skills and intelligence which I can contribute to the FBI Department. There are not only one but more then one. Hardworking, trustworthy, loyalty and the ability to get any kind a job done. Firstly, hardworking. I am a really hardworking fellow. To get a job done I'll work for days with zero breaks and distractions. And I won't rest until my job is completely finished. Secondly, trustworthy. Trust is currently very rare in this world. It's hard to trust someone anywhere, anytime. But as for me everyone can trust me with their heart and I will make sure that trust doesn't go away easily. Thirdly, loyalty. As a honest and trust worthy man, I am also a loyal person. Because when someone becomes trustworthy he will truly become a loyal man and that it always comes in handy in the hard time. Finally, pure skill. I have the skill to get any job done as I don't care what is it and how hard it is. I only know that the job is given to me and my duty is to get the job done, no matter what it costs. These are the skills I could contribute to the FBI Department with my best. Do you know your way around Los Santos well? (OOC): Yes,i do. Tell us about your hobbies or about other interests(IC): Bicycling, Swimming, Patrolling, Traveling, Fishing, Team Sports, Helping Citizens, House Builder What was your previous workplace and if you can please give us some documents to prove that: My previous and current workplace is the Los Santos Police Department Evidentiary Document Date: 13/03/2018 Signature: __________ тнαnкιng уσυ Ꮃαrмℓу Ꮢєgαr∂ѕ *Ꮙιנαу Ꮰσѕнι* Ꭰєѕιgиαтє∂ Ꮯιтιzєn Ꮮσѕ Ꮥαитσѕ Ꭾσℓι¢є Ꭰєραrтмєnт Ꮮσѕ Ꮥαитσѕ, ֆαn Ꭺn∂rєαѕ
  16. [FBI] Application Form

    Surname:* Forename:* Gender(IC):* Gender(OOC):* In-game level(OOC):* Age(OOC):* Age(IC):* Phone Number (IC):* Geographical location(OOC):* Screenshot of your Stats(OOC):* Have you passed Level 3 with any character on this server?(OOC):* How long have you been a citizen of this server?(OOC):* Are you currently in employment?:* If yes, what is your current occupation?: Have you ever been convicted for a serious crime?:* Have you ever served time in prison?:* Can you communicate effectively in the English language?(OOC):* Do you hold a full Los Santos Driving License?:* Has your driving license ever been suspended?:* Life Story(Minimum 250 words):* Tell us about yourself and why you want to be in the FBI(IC):(Minimum 200 words)* Do you know your way around Los Santos well? (OOC):* Tell us about your hobbies or about other interests(IC):* What was your previous workplace and if you can please give us some documents to prove that:* Date: * [/center] Signature:
  17. [FBI] Recruitment Status

    Federal Bureau of Investigation Recruitment Status: Open Live Recruitment: Closed Signed by; Mero David FBI Director
  18. ..

  19. LOS SANTOS POLICE DEPARTMENT Recruitment Status: HIRING Live Recruitment: OPEN Signed, Chief Nathaniel Santiago
  20. Scripter

  21. LOS SANTOS POLICE DEPARTMENT **THIS IS THE FORMAT THAT MUST BE USED WHEN APPLYING** **COPY AND PASTE THIS BELOW** Name: Date of birth: Gender: Have you ever been convicted of a felony? If so, explain: What are your strengths?: Why do you wish to join the Los Santos Police Department?: Why do you think you should be hired?: Brief biography: Screenshot of /stats: Declaration of Agreement: By submitting this application to the Los Santos Police Department, I, [FULL NAME] declare that all information contained herein is true and correct. I understand that a background check will be preformed. I agree not to inquire about my application either accepted or denied unless instructed to do so. I have provided this information myself, under consent of my own. I agree to ALL terms and conditions as set out in any policy or manual and understand that I may be discharged if it has been seen that I am unfit for duty or have violated any of the following, but not limited to: Policy, Manual, Term, Condition, or Order. I agree to authorize the use of my personal details solely for circulation within the company in relation to the San Andreas Legislative Decree Signed, Chief Nathaniel Santiago
  22. Earlier
  23. Script Update 6.6

    In the latest update we have fixed /su, aswell as the crimes and what the offences carry, aswell as implementing the new los santos vip lounge, some minor bug fixes, and changed /setstat to allow level 1's to be edited
  24. LOS SANTOS POLICE DEPARTMENT MIRANDA RIGHTS The Miranda rights are the detained/suspect's current rights during the arrest procedure and the trial. Once the suspect has been detained and is within the Law Enforcement's custody; his/her rights must be read. If the rights aren't being read during the detain/custody, the officers involved may be charged. You have the right to remain silent. Everything you do or say, may and will be used against you in the Court of Law. You have the right to an attorney. If you can not afford one, one will be appointed to you. Do you understand your rights as they've been read to you? Signed, Chief Nathaniel Santiago
  25. LOS SANTOS POLICE DEPARTMENT CADET INFORMATION Welcome Cadet! Now that you have been accepted into the Los Santos Police Department and are officially a cadet, you may now accompany officers that are patrolling on their duties. Be sure to ask over team-speak or in the radio (( /r )) nicely to patrol with an officer. If there aren't any officers available to patrol with, you must remain on station duty. This is assisting citizens in need of help who visit the front station. You also must make sure that all vehicles are cleaned and repaired. If damaged, contact a mechanic. (( Repair the vehicle and park it back at it's original location )) As a cadet, you must wear the uniform that is given to you (( ID 71 )). The equipment you may carry while on duty are a nightstick, desert eagle and a spraycan. You may only take other weapons if granted permission from a sergeant or above. When you believe you are ready to become an officer complete your CTO (( Cadet to Officer test )) contact a higher rank on teamspeak or in (( /f )). If you need help at any time, feel free to ask other members of the department. CAUGHT BREAKING ANY DEPARTMENT RULES AS A CADET CAN RESULT IN IMMEDIATE TERMINATION. Signed, Chief Nathaniel Santiago
  26. LOS SANTOS POLICE DEPARTMENT STAFF ROSTER IF ANY NAME IS MISSING, PLEASE CONTACT HIGH COMMAND. **TO BE UPDATED** Founder/Chief of the Department [9] # Nathaniel Santiago (( HON )) Deputy Chief of the Department [8] # (( N/A )) Captain [7] Lieutenant [6] # Kevo Drako (( PATROL )) Staff Seargent [5] # (( N/A )) Seargent [4] # (( N/A )) Corporal [3] # (( Ethan Jackson )) (( SWAT)) Senior Officer [2] # (( N/A )) Officer [1] # Richard Jackson (( PTL )) Cadet [0] # (( N/A ))
  27. LOS SANTOS POLICE DEPARTMENT RADIO CODES Here are a list of radio codes which are to be used to communicate other officers/members of the department. It is a must to know these codes to be accepted into the department. As a member, you will receive two separate radios one to communicate with just our department (/r) and the other to communicate to all departments. (/d) General 10-1 – Transmitting poorly 10-2 – Transmitting clearly 10-3 – Stop transmitting 10-4 – Message received (not yes, it means that you heard the message) 10-6 – Off Duty but in for emergency calls (for paperwork and personal matters) 10-7 – Off Duty, not in for emergency calls ((In Game but Off Duty)) 10-8 – On Duty, responding to calls 10-9 – Repeat Message 10-10 – Off Duty, ((Out of game)) 10-15 – Male in Custody 10-15f – Female in Custody 10-19 – Return to Station / Returning to Station 10-21 – Phone Call 10-22 – Disregard Last Message 10-26 – Traffic Stop 10-26a – High Risk Traffic Stop (need backup, traffic stop at gunpoint) 10-28 – Vehicle Registration Check 10-29 – Wants/Warrant Check 10-76 – Enroute to [Location] 10-80 - Pursuit in Progress, move all non essential radio traffic to channel 2 ((/r)) 10-87 – Meet Officer [Location] 10-85 - Arrived in Area (Area Check) 10-88 – Request Cover Unit (Used on traffic stops) 10-97 – Arrived at Scene 10-98 - All units on call clear and go 10-8 10-99 - End of Situations Codes 11-10 – Take a Report 11-29 – Clear Record/No Want 11-41 – Ambulance Needed 11-44 – Coroners Case – Dead on Floor 11-45 – Suicide 11-46 – Death 11-47 – Injured Person 11-48 – Provide Transportation 11-51 – Pedestrian Stop 11-52 – Status Check 11-53 – Security Check 11-80 – Accident, Serious Injury 11-81 – Accident, Minor Injury 11-82 – Accident, Property Damage Only 11-83 – Accident, No Details 11-99 – Need backup its Emergency Status Codes Code 0 - ((Game Crash)) Code 1 – Routine Response Type (Not a Priority) Code 2 – Urgent Response Type (Lights and Sirens at Intersections) Code 3 – Emergency Response Type (Lights and Sirens) Code 4 – No Further Assistance Needed/Enough Officer on Scene Code 5 – Stakeout Code 6 – Marked Units Remain Clear of the Area Code 7 – Meal Break Code 33 - Radio Silence for an Emergency Situation Identity Codes IC-1: White IC-2: Black IC-3: Latino or Mexican IC-4: Middle-Eastern IC-5: Asian IC-6: Some unknown ethnicity. CHAIN OF COMMAND IV. Chain of Command & Uniforms IV. A. Chain of Command with matching uniforms Chief -> The Chief of the Los Santos Police Department is the senior most and highest rank within the force. He is the sole leader of the entire agency and keeps everything in perfect order. He has the power to hire, demote, fire, and suspend anyone he chooses as well as make new rules, units, divisions, and assign different division leaders to run certain units. He should be recognized and spoken to with a great amount of respect at all times. Assistant Chief -> The Assistant Chiefs is the second in command of the entire department. The people who attain the rank of Assistant Chief are the right hand men and women of the Chief. They make sure everything is ran in proper order and maintain a good name for the Chief. They have more or less the same powers as the Chief, except they don't have the power to add or remove divisions without the approval of the Chief. Again, these are people who need to be treated with greats amount of respect. Captain -> The Captains of the Los Santos Police Department are the division leaders. They are the third in command of the department and run special divisions. The divisions are as followed: ~ Training & Recruitment ~ Special Weapons and Tactics ~ Internal Affairs Bureau ~ Patrol Division The men and women who attain this rank are the highlight of each division. They have the power to hire and suspend anyone from the rank Cadet to Officer if needed. They are allowed to demote people with permission from a higher command. Anything else needs to be taken up with the higher command at all times. They are able to hire people into their division and also remove people from their division. They must keep a high quality status of their division at all times to stay at that rank. It's a well earned and trusted position. Sergeant -> The Sergeants of the Los Santos Police Department are normally the fourth in command of the department. They're also the second in command of divisions that are led by the Captains These men and women are very familiar with how the police department works and are chosen by the Captains to work side by side with them to keep their division afloat. They are the right hand men to the Captain's and follow their ever order. These people have the power to hire (Training & Recruitment FTOs) and suspend certain members with the approval of a Captain. Corporal -> The Corporals of the Los Santos Police Department are the next step from the rank Officer. These are the trusted members of the LSPD who have performed very well in terms of patrolling and are finally stepping up to become a new rank in the force. These members are the fifth in command of the department and may be the third in command of the divisions under the Sergeants and Captains. There are very fewer Corporals than Officers because the force needs a good background of Officers. Officer -> The Officers of the Los Santos Police Department are the back bone of the entire department. They probably do some of the most heavy and most needed work in the force. They're the men and women out there day after day working in patrol vehicles and doing the beat constantly around Los Santos. Their constant job is to work and patrol with the Cadets to train them to become a Officer some day and do basic patrol with a vehicle to enforce the traffic and normal based laws of Los Santos. Cadet -> The Cadets of the Los Santos Police Department are the members at the bottom of the food chain. They're the newly accepted members of the force who are still undergoing greats amount of training. In order for them to become a Officer, they must do 1-2 weeks of service and then taker a Cadet-to-Officer exam at the end with surrounds all the basic information they should know in the LSPD to move on. The Cadets are to patrol with a Officer or above at all times. Remember there are a limited amount of weapons they can carry, and are to be watched 24/7 by the members around them. Signed, Chief Nathaniel Santiago
  28. Economy Nurf

    Currently the prices of items/vehicles/houses/businesses/toys/clothes, etc... are how do i put it, pretty expensive? for example buying a phone can cost up to $10,000 dollars, which to me isn't very realistic, so i'm putting the suggestion out their to see how the players will react about a global economy nurf, which means dropping the prices on EVERYTHING, for example, phones will cost $100, phone book will cost $50, etc throughout the entire server covering everything to introduce a more realistic economy, this would also mean that players bank and cash on hand will be lowered by a certain percentage to counteract the costs of goods and services across los santos, I'm open to the opinions of everyone because after all, you are the guys who will be buying and selling stuff, this also means that the payout from doing jobs will be significantly reduced, it may feel like you have less money but the money you have will go a lot further? let me know what you guys think in the poll
  29. Scripter

    Firstly welcome to next level gaming, if your interested please PM me and we can go from their, whats your scripting experience like? and are you familiar with mysql coding?
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