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    Quick message just letting everyone know, that the dedicated server will be undergoing updates for a brief period of about an hour, among other behind the scenes stuff being implemented, so for the next hour-ish the SA-MP server and Teamspeak server will be offline, I will reply to this thread when all the systems are back online, we at NLG thank you for your support and patience
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    All servers are back online!
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    The script has been updated to apply some changes to the vip locker, namely the spas12 has been re'added, Turf system has been redesigned to allow easier editing /travel lsvip has been updated with different co-ordinates upon leaving the VIP garage to move the vehicles further away from the entrance to the new lsvip, Hitman agency has undergone some adjustments, and a few more /order locations added Some admin command changes aswell as their required levels Cleaned up some old unused code to make the script more efficient aswell
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    BOURNE - Owner: Jason_Bourne KNIGHT - Owner: Michael_Knight CHAOS - Owner: Ric Chaos
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    we are proud to announce that NLG now has its own image uploading system, you can upload images to share with your friends, or to use in your signatures/profile/ forum post! CLICK HERE
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    Eatlag- Founder Santiago - Founder Edwards - Co-Owner Madonna Makku - Director Of Game Affairs Enzo - Director Of Public Relations KevinSteels Chaos Lucifer Kareem Nairobri Kelly Deuce