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  1. If you play pubg mobile and like squadding up, drop your names below and il add you, and we can jump on pubg mobile and get some chicken dinners
  2. EatLag

    We Are Hiring!

    Next Level Gaming is currently searching for like minded people to fill the following positions - SA:MP Beta Testers X3 - SA:MP Pawno Scripter X2 - SA:MP Mappers X4 - Forum Manager - RUST Server Technician - Teamspeak Staff - SA:MP Staff If you would like to apply for any of the above positions don't hesitate to email nl@nl-gaming.net with your resume and a brief description of your past experience and why YOU would be suitable for the position
  3. EatLag

    Period Of IN-ACTIVITY

    As you all may have noticed i haven't been as active on the forums as usual, this is because of a few different reasons but im making this post to re assure you all that the server isn't going anywhere and neither am i, in the next few days you will see the script updates that I've made on my localhost rolled out to the main roleplay server
  4. EatLag

    Script Update 5.7

    Vehicle Lock Pick System Implemented Increased amount of player vehicles that can be spawned No VIP: 4 Bronze Vip: 6 Silver Vip: 8 Gold Vip: 12 Platinum VIP: 20
  5. With the current player base and the fact that samps limit on vehicles we have the ability to remove /vstorage and have it so players vehicles are always spawned when they log in, aswell as keep them spawned when they log out, in theory this will increase the role-play and allow incorrectly parked vehicles to be impounded by leo factions at any time, please vote
  6. EatLag

    Useful Thread

    Forums updated.
  7. EatLag

    *Game Suggestions*

    Furniture system has been implemented. Their are currently 280 Items available for purchase in the furniture menu
  8. EatLag

    Script Update 5.6

    Implemented the casefiles system, (aswell as created the mysql tables), If you are in a LEO Faction, you can now /casefile(s)
  9. EatLag

    Ban Appeal Template

    ---Failure To Use The Below Template In Your Ban Appeal Will Result In Instant Denial--- (Copy Below Into New Topic) In-Game Name: Date Banned: Reason For Being Banned: Administrator Who Banned You: What Caused You To Be Banned(Minimum 50 chars): What Are You Going To Do If You Are Unbanned:
  10. EatLag

    Dedicated Server Maintenance

    All servers are now back online!
  11. To ensure operations continue to run smoothly the primary dedicated server (samp, teamspeak) will be going down for scheduled windows updates, disk checking and other things on the maintenance checklist, the estimated downtime is roughly 15-20 minutes while these actions are performed, the servers will be back online at roughly 12:15pm GMT +10
  12. EatLag

    Script Update 5.5

    Added new Mulholland Bank Interior Added new static actors inside new bank interior
  13. Previously once a gang captured a point it would be theirs for 24 hours, this has been increased to 48 hours due to the low population of players most points were constantly available for capture, it is with the intention of increasing the time to 48 hours that less points will be available for capture and invite roleplay situations for the ones that are available
  14. Features Added In 5.3 Furniture System Implemented!, Added 260 items of furniture available for puchase Feautures Added In 5.4 When gang members now capture points its for 48 hours instead of 24, this will allow Gangs/Families to hold onto the point for longer
  15. Below is a quick guide on the basics of the furniture system NOTE!: IF FOR WHATEVER REASON THE SYSTEM STOPS ALLOWING YOU TO SELECT THE ICONS, PLEASE (/furniture) TWICE TO RESET IT! Step 1, Enter your house! You will notice that once your inside your house, you will see the default GTA:SA Furniture, now this is entirely up to you but if you wanted a "clean slate" and remove all of the standard furniture type (/unfurnishhouse) Don't worry, if you ever change your mind you can always (/furnishhouse) and it will re load the default furniture into your house Step 2:, Time to bring up the furniture menu! Type (/furniture) You will now see this in the bottom right corner Green house: Shows you a list of currently placed furniture $: Allows you to sell owned furniture Hammer: Allows you to to edit the positions, aswell as apply textures/colors/text to furniture items, once you have pressed the hammer these 2 circles will show up, the bottom one allows you to select and move existing furniture, the top on allows you to apply textures/colors/text to furniture Blue House: Buy mode, opens up the furniture catalog 2 Player Icon: Allows you to add and remove building permits for other players Exclamation point: This is the panic button! pressing this will instantly reload all placed furniture X: Closes the furniture menu Information point: Displays the (/furniturehelp) command Step 3: Select the BLUE HOUSE, this will then show this menu Step 4: Scroll through the menu's until you find an object you'd like to place inside your home, Once you have selected an object this dialog will pop up, You will notice it will tell you the $ price, aswell as the materials price! so make sure you have sufficient materials, Once you have pressed "buy" move on to step 5 Step 5: Placement! Once you have purchased an item of furniture this system will activate, use the editor to set the position and rotation of the item of furniture, once its where you want it press the "save" icon, Step 6: If you are presented with the below message then thats it! you're dont! this is the end of the tutoral, you now know how to effectively place furniture inside your home!