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  1. Script Update 7.4

    Not a whole lot of changes from 7.3 as 7.3 was released not even 12 hours ago, notible changes in this version are the Gold VIP you receive upon registatrion now "sticks" their were reports beforehand that under rare conditions you'd lose the gold vip upon restart and have to /report to get it back, this has been rectified in the way of "setting" it twice, forcing it to save to your account, NEW registered players now also receive 2 Car Vouchers which can be redeemed by typing /myvouchers once youve arrived at /nlgshop, 7.4 was extensively tested on the newly released beta server for the past 3 hours and its deemed ready for release on the MAIN server, the updated script will become available tomorrow morning at 9am GMT+10 along with scheduled maintenance as this is our current off peak (usually 0 players) as to not disrupt the players who are currently InGame, 7.4 revision won't stick around for long though as their are quite alot of changes being made to the gamemode tomorrow as discussed by administrators, namely the redesign of the ipwhitelist as a few admins ip's are changing every 5 minutes, so a soft whitelist system is set to be implemented which works of country rather then specific ip, this new system will only apply to Senior admins and below as they are deemed less of a security risk then those above, so stay tuned theirs alot more to come!
  2. It is my pleasure to announce that we now have a Beta Server! this server will use port 7778, and it gives us a platform to test all the changes and new editions before rolling them out to the main server, from now on all new script updates will be tested by US the admins, aswell as anyone who makes it into the beta team, We have decided todo this as their are many many changes to the script daily, some not so obvious, this gives us a chance to thoroughly test things before the hit the main server, If you'd like to apply for the Beta Team please don't hesitate to message either myself or Santiago!
  3. Dedicated Server Status!

    All servers are now back online and running more efficiently then ever!
  4. Dedicated Server Status!

    As you may have noticed, the Dedicated server is offline therefore the SA-MP and Teamspeak3 servers are offline, the reason for this is i'm currently doing a cleanup of all the useless uneeded files that are bascially cluttering up everywhere, Estimated time is roughly 20 minutes, apart from that things are going smoothly behind the scenes so all servers will be back online in roughly 20 minutes
  5. Its my pleasure to announce that their has been some changes regarding the hourly paycheck you receive InGame, YOU will now receive 100 Credits to be spent on the shop(s) (/nlgshop /microshop /houseshop /carshop /planeshop /boatshop /miscshop), You will receive 100 credits with every hourly paycheck as an incentive to stick around and get your playing hours up! Enjoy.
  6. Script Update 7.3

    In version 7.3 of NLRP the following has been added/changed Re designed VIP interior Spas12 added back to the VIP locker Point capture times adjusted Turf capture times adjusted Moved the VIP garage exit so its not as close to the vip entrance Redesigned some admin commands to make them easier and quicker to use Along with your hourly paycheck you also now receive 100 shop credits per paycheck to spend on the shop(s) Adjusted position of the MOTD Changed some textdraw draw distances Edited /ddedit so by default theirs no groupID assigned Adjusted the gates to auto fill out the basics Steamdistance/range/speed
  7. New HQ Location

  8. Dedicated Server Updates

    All servers are back online!
  9. Dedicated Server Updates

    Quick message just letting everyone know, that the dedicated server will be undergoing updates for a brief period of about an hour, among other behind the scenes stuff being implemented, so for the next hour-ish the SA-MP server and Teamspeak server will be offline, I will reply to this thread when all the systems are back online, we at NLG thank you for your support and patience
  10. Script Update 6.8

    The script has been updated to apply some changes to the vip locker, namely the spas12 has been re'added, Turf system has been redesigned to allow easier editing /travel lsvip has been updated with different co-ordinates upon leaving the VIP garage to move the vehicles further away from the entrance to the new lsvip, Hitman agency has undergone some adjustments, and a few more /order locations added Some admin command changes aswell as their required levels Cleaned up some old unused code to make the script more efficient aswell
  11. Adding a family or faction Section

    Please private message me with all the information on the family, aswell up to 8 rank names, and sections you require in the forums
  12. Script Update 6.6

    In the latest update we have fixed /su, aswell as the crimes and what the offences carry, aswell as implementing the new los santos vip lounge, some minor bug fixes, and changed /setstat to allow level 1's to be edited
  13. Economy Nurf

    Currently the prices of items/vehicles/houses/businesses/toys/clothes, etc... are how do i put it, pretty expensive? for example buying a phone can cost up to $10,000 dollars, which to me isn't very realistic, so i'm putting the suggestion out their to see how the players will react about a global economy nurf, which means dropping the prices on EVERYTHING, for example, phones will cost $100, phone book will cost $50, etc throughout the entire server covering everything to introduce a more realistic economy, this would also mean that players bank and cash on hand will be lowered by a certain percentage to counteract the costs of goods and services across los santos, I'm open to the opinions of everyone because after all, you are the guys who will be buying and selling stuff, this also means that the payout from doing jobs will be significantly reduced, it may feel like you have less money but the money you have will go a lot further? let me know what you guys think in the poll
  14. Scripter

    Firstly welcome to next level gaming, if your interested please PM me and we can go from their, whats your scripting experience like? and are you familiar with mysql coding?
  15. Restricted Names

    BOURNE - Owner: Jason_Bourne KNIGHT - Owner: Michael_Knight CHAOS - Owner: Ric Chaos