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  1. As you may have noticed the Next level roleplay server is now officially running on SA-MP 0.3DL, Please click the button below to download the new client! Click This To Download
  2. Starting from the 14-4-2018 Next Level Roleplay is undergoing a considerable amount of changes, this post is set to be updated almost daily so i urge you all to constantly check back constantly for future planned changes/additions the estimated time until the "NEW" Script makes it to the main server is roughly 1-2 weeks depending on how quick and efficient i can code the gamemode, as currently the server is pretty Non-RP, for example the cost of most things are rediculously high, 2k for a phone, 150k just to place an advertisement, 10k for a vest, its just unrealistic and quite frankly bullshit, so this weeks goals are to nurf the cost and pay rates of EVERYTHING to a realistic value, below will be points that have been changed currently, the new script is currently going through constant testing and changes on the BETA SERVER Famed/Dedicated/Vip locker vest prices now $500 Advertisement cost's now vary from $1000-$3000 depending on VIP level Sprunk costs now $5 Payouts for all job reduced Cost of /vipnum reduced Maximum Taxi fare reduced Payout for dropping patient off at hospital reduced Cost of SMS/Phone calls reduced /namechange Reduced Lowered the payouts of /getgift Reduced all prices for the Hitman agency Reduced cost to rent/use paintball Adjusted maximum Fine/Bail amount for LEO officers Reduced Skin cost Reduced /buytoys cost on everything! Reduced /train Reduced to cost of ALL drugs which includes growing of POT Reduced the amount new players start with Their has been many many many many! more changes then just what's been listed above, you may have noticed that the Next Level Roleplay server is still on version 8.8, this is now considered highly outdated and personally SA-MP 0.3.7 Is aswell, which is why the BETA server is now on 0.3DL and this opens MANY MANY MANY!!!!! new opportunities such as custom skins that everyone will see! aswell as custom objects of any kind, Their are plans on adding Custom skins such as (batman/ironman/superman/the hulk/ and many others) available for players to pay a premium fee and show off these limited skins, This is set to be implemented once the final economy checks have been made to ensure a stable economy, Sure theirs going to be things we've missed along the way and players will get a much higher payout then usual but thats okay, we log everything and its very simple to adjust the payout, Now currently their are well over 100 player owned businesses in the game and the prices for the items that are forsale still follow the old economy structure, so this is going to be a somewhat difficult task re adjusting the business prices, the current idea is to LOCK all current businesses with the exception of the business owner being able to enter and adjust their prices accordingly, until then one business of EACH type will be setup in a central location owned by the SERVER where players can buy and sell things as they would normally do until the business changes have been made, A mysql script will be run the DAY before the switch to 0.3DL and the new script to adjust all players cash on hand aswell as money in the bank to comply with the new economy! thats all for now we look forward to seeing you all in-game soon!
  3. Hmm, didn't think i'd be writing this post as soon as i am, but As you all will have noticed the player count currently in next level roleplay, is uh' pretty shit, We went from 10+ players constantly slowly down to 8, then 5, then 3, now the server struggles too see 1, So basically here's whats going to happen, the Dedicated server will continue to run the roleplay server until the end of the month, If the player count rises, the server WILL not close, but if it remains the way it is unfortunately it will be closed and next level gaming will move forward and host servers for more modern games, the samp gamemode will still be developed and updated and the server will not be "gone" forever, it will come back, but this will be after months if not a year of re coding so it is unique in its own way, as that's the problem with SA-MP these days, everyone has everything and nothing is really unique anymore, This post will be updated periodically on any chances or updates regarding the various aspects of Next Level Gaming, Their will be talks throughout the admin team this week about the future and come to a unanimous decision regarding Next Level Roleplay, that's all for now
  4. Their was a discussion happening recently on the discussion of Next level Roleplay's future, you may have noticed over the past week their has been basically 0/100 Players on the server, this is not what we like to see, The staff team and I were having a little guessing game trying to work out why this has occured, and to put it simply its because the script is too much like NGG, which isn't necessarily a bad thing but for you the PLAYERS it begins to feel stale after a few weeks, and as you may no their are many many many NGG "revives" being created on an almost daily basis, which this isn't very good news for us as we're in a constant competition so this is where the update of all updates begin, the server is set to be locked for an estimated time of 2 weeks, during that time development will be going around the clock, changing almost every single aspect of the script which includes NERFING the economy, because lets face it its incredibly non RP having to pay 3k for a phone, 10k for a phone book, 1 million dollars for a sultan, so the first order of businesses is changing the pay rates FOR EVERY SINGLE THING YOU CAN BUY AND SELL, this is expected to take me roughly a week as i have become comfortable working with the script, i know what goes where, and what to code and what to change to keep everything efficient and fast, So please check back constantly namely the script update section in development as their are going to be changes and revisions constantly, once we feel the script is up to our NEW standards the password will be removed, now... you may be thinking oh "fuck" all accounts are going to be deleted in favour of a more balanced economy, but no that's not the case, a simple mysql script will be run to divide everyones current balance by a certain percentage to match the new economy, thats all for now! we at Next Level Gaming thank you for your patience and understanding UPDATE 7-4-18 Marriage cost significantly reduced Advertisement/Priority Advertisement cost significantly reduced Cost of sprunk reduced Medical bill upon death significantly reduced Cost of everything in the hitman locker signifcantly reduced Max bail price Reduced Cost of /SMS reduced Hourly paycheck reduced ATM Fee reduced Taxi Licence Fee reduced Cost of Armour from VIP/Famed/Dedicated Significantly reduced Fines for /su reduced Trucked Job Relocated to LS, More information on this shortly Pay rates for all jobs adjusted according to the new economy (eg, dropping a patient off at the hospital used to give 20k, it now gives 2k.)
  5. someone making a furntire Turtial

    Thank you for the suggestion, when i get some spare time il make some tutorials on various aspects of the game!
  6. As you are all aware the SA-MP Roleplay server is well underway, but if your like me you don't always feel like playing samp, currently we had a ridiculous amount of leftover resources on the dedicated server, we could almost run 30 SAMP servers before we came close to the limit, so im putting it out their what other servers for what other games would you like to see? IF a game has a DEDICATED SERVER option we can run it, and you might just so happen to be put in charge of all aspects of it, so please don't hesitate to comment below on what other servers you would like to see supported by Next Level Gaming!
  7. Script Update 8.6

    Okay, script version 8.6 has followed 8.4 Roughly 2 hours after 8.4 was released, below are the following fixes/updates Admin command added to allow admins to give players Restricted Car Vouchers Lead Head Admin system has been implemented Slightly adjusted the new player spawn position Added the last 2 paint ball arenas Fixed up the crates in the mysql database Improved login message load time Adjusted the motd textdraw Re assigned certain admin commands to different ranks Fixed the /spawnatvip commandSlightly reduced the "objects loading please wait" timer, so you can move faster after entering/exiting custom interior You can now also use your car/restricted car vouchers anywhere! you no longer have to be at the NLG shop! This Script Is Now On The Beta Server, It Will Be On The Main Server Once Testing Has Been Completed
  8. Script Update 8.4

    Below are the following changes made in Revision 8.3 New player spawn has been changed to city hall removed nation selection from character creation (all players default to San Andreas) Nation of tierra robada has been disabled until the player base rises Before only money would save on HA+ admin accounts, this has been changed to allow Junior Admins and above Vip interior changes Locker updates Mysql updates Mysql saving system is now more dynamic and faster Updated the Gates system to allow the use of new model ID's Improved the toys/ toys editing system Improved the /editgroup commands Removed some old unused usless code that wasn't being used by anything Fixed the paintball system, aswell as setup the arenas, you can now play paintball! The 8.3 Version will be available on the MAIN server in roughly an hour, just going through the final BETA testing phase to make sure everything works the way it should
  9. Script Update 7.4

    Not a whole lot of changes from 7.3 as 7.3 was released not even 12 hours ago, notible changes in this version are the Gold VIP you receive upon registatrion now "sticks" their were reports beforehand that under rare conditions you'd lose the gold vip upon restart and have to /report to get it back, this has been rectified in the way of "setting" it twice, forcing it to save to your account, NEW registered players now also receive 2 Car Vouchers which can be redeemed by typing /myvouchers once youve arrived at /nlgshop, 7.4 was extensively tested on the newly released beta server for the past 3 hours and its deemed ready for release on the MAIN server, the updated script will become available tomorrow morning at 9am GMT+10 along with scheduled maintenance as this is our current off peak (usually 0 players) as to not disrupt the players who are currently InGame, 7.4 revision won't stick around for long though as their are quite alot of changes being made to the gamemode tomorrow as discussed by administrators, namely the redesign of the ipwhitelist as a few admins ip's are changing every 5 minutes, so a soft whitelist system is set to be implemented which works of country rather then specific ip, this new system will only apply to Senior admins and below as they are deemed less of a security risk then those above, so stay tuned theirs alot more to come!
  10. It is my pleasure to announce that we now have a Beta Server! this server will use port 7778, and it gives us a platform to test all the changes and new editions before rolling them out to the main server, from now on all new script updates will be tested by US the admins, aswell as anyone who makes it into the beta team, We have decided todo this as their are many many changes to the script daily, some not so obvious, this gives us a chance to thoroughly test things before the hit the main server, If you'd like to apply for the Beta Team please don't hesitate to message either myself or Santiago!
  11. Dedicated Server Status!

    All servers are now back online and running more efficiently then ever!
  12. Dedicated Server Status!

    As you may have noticed, the Dedicated server is offline therefore the SA-MP and Teamspeak3 servers are offline, the reason for this is i'm currently doing a cleanup of all the useless uneeded files that are bascially cluttering up everywhere, Estimated time is roughly 20 minutes, apart from that things are going smoothly behind the scenes so all servers will be back online in roughly 20 minutes
  13. Its my pleasure to announce that their has been some changes regarding the hourly paycheck you receive InGame, YOU will now receive 100 Credits to be spent on the shop(s) (/nlgshop /microshop /houseshop /carshop /planeshop /boatshop /miscshop), You will receive 100 credits with every hourly paycheck as an incentive to stick around and get your playing hours up! Enjoy.
  14. Script Update 7.3

    In version 7.3 of NLRP the following has been added/changed Re designed VIP interior Spas12 added back to the VIP locker Point capture times adjusted Turf capture times adjusted Moved the VIP garage exit so its not as close to the vip entrance Redesigned some admin commands to make them easier and quicker to use Along with your hourly paycheck you also now receive 100 shop credits per paycheck to spend on the shop(s) Adjusted position of the MOTD Changed some textdraw draw distances Edited /ddedit so by default theirs no groupID assigned Adjusted the gates to auto fill out the basics Steamdistance/range/speed
  15. New HQ Location