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  1. New HQ Location

  2. Dedicated Server Updates

    All servers are back online!
  3. Dedicated Server Updates

    Quick message just letting everyone know, that the dedicated server will be undergoing updates for a brief period of about an hour, among other behind the scenes stuff being implemented, so for the next hour-ish the SA-MP server and Teamspeak server will be offline, I will reply to this thread when all the systems are back online, we at NLG thank you for your support and patience
  4. Script Update 6.8

    The script has been updated to apply some changes to the vip locker, namely the spas12 has been re'added, Turf system has been redesigned to allow easier editing /travel lsvip has been updated with different co-ordinates upon leaving the VIP garage to move the vehicles further away from the entrance to the new lsvip, Hitman agency has undergone some adjustments, and a few more /order locations added Some admin command changes aswell as their required levels Cleaned up some old unused code to make the script more efficient aswell
  5. Adding a family or faction Section

    Please private message me with all the information on the family, aswell up to 8 rank names, and sections you require in the forums
  6. Script Update 6.6

    In the latest update we have fixed /su, aswell as the crimes and what the offences carry, aswell as implementing the new los santos vip lounge, some minor bug fixes, and changed /setstat to allow level 1's to be edited
  7. Economy Nurf

    Currently the prices of items/vehicles/houses/businesses/toys/clothes, etc... are how do i put it, pretty expensive? for example buying a phone can cost up to $10,000 dollars, which to me isn't very realistic, so i'm putting the suggestion out their to see how the players will react about a global economy nurf, which means dropping the prices on EVERYTHING, for example, phones will cost $100, phone book will cost $50, etc throughout the entire server covering everything to introduce a more realistic economy, this would also mean that players bank and cash on hand will be lowered by a certain percentage to counteract the costs of goods and services across los santos, I'm open to the opinions of everyone because after all, you are the guys who will be buying and selling stuff, this also means that the payout from doing jobs will be significantly reduced, it may feel like you have less money but the money you have will go a lot further? let me know what you guys think in the poll
  8. Scripter

    Firstly welcome to next level gaming, if your interested please PM me and we can go from their, whats your scripting experience like? and are you familiar with mysql coding?
  9. Restricted Names

    BOURNE - Owner: Jason_Bourne KNIGHT - Owner: Michael_Knight CHAOS - Owner: Ric Chaos
  10. There has been some confusion regarding this rule so I will clarify it. When you die: You lose 30 minutes of memory. You are not allowed to return to the RP for 30 minutes* You are not allowed to be called back to the RP during the 30 minutes *For factions, they MAY be allowed to return to their headquarters and receive orders to return to the RP but they MUST go to the HQ and MUST be called for backup. This also applies to gang members and their HQ as well but only if the RP is AT their HQ. Players who own a house are allowed to return to their house as well but unless the RP is INSIDE their house they can't return to the RP. If you are renting a house this does not apply and you are NOT allowed to return. (since anyone could just /rentroom and exploit this)
  11. Script Update 6.2

    Alot has been going on behind the scenes lately as the player base has slowly built the more bugs we are finding, we're happy to say that we've now sqashed all of the /help related commands and they now all show actual commands instead of empty dialogs
  12. If your applying for your own user channel on teamspeak, please include in your message your teamspeak name, what you would like your channel to be called, and check the thread regularly until it has been locked as you will need to be given channel admin in your channel so your able to make any further changes,
  13. Server Offences

    OFFENCES AGAINST PEOPLE DM/Deathmatching Attacking a player in any way without a proper role play in-character reason. This includes Spawnkilling - killing players directly or shortly after they spawn at a hospital or elsewhere without proper role play reason or interaction. Prison 30-90 Minutes Warn Fine 10% of Money (No less than $10,000) RK/Revenge Kill Attacking a player in any way when you were recently killed by that player. When you die you lose 30 minutes of your memory, including when you get killed. Prison 60-90 minutes Hours Warn Fine 10% of Money (No less than $10,000) KOS/Kill on Sight Attacking a player in any way without any or little role play involved. Even if you have a role play reason to attack the player, if you do not role play before you do so you can be punished. Prison 30-90 minutes Warn Fine 10% of Money (No less than $10,000) Non-RP Car Ramming Non-RP Car Ramming is using your vehicle to attack a player. Admin discretion is used to decide whether or not it was roleplayed. Prison 30-60 minutes Robbing Level Ones Attempting or performing robberies against Level One players. Prison 60 minutes Scamming Over the Limit Scamming any player for an amount of more than $50,000 (not including 50,000.) This includes but is not limited to materials and other products. Standard street prices will be used to decide in this event if the scam was over the limit. Prison 60-90 minutes Warn Fined 2x the amount scammed Scamming OOC Items Scamming any out of character item Ban OOC Hit Placing a contract on another player with an out of character reason, without knowing their name, or with little to no roleplay reason. Prison 60 minutes Fine 2x Hit Amount Warn if repeated Spam/Abuse of Invites/Services Spamming or abusing /invite or /service. Prison 30-60 minutes Gun Discharge Exploits (QS/CS) Using any gun discharge exploit including but not limited to crack shooting and quick swapping. This excludes passworded paintball rooms in which the roomer allows it. Prison 60-90 minutes Metagaming Using out of character information in character, or sharing in character information out of character with the intention of it being used to metagame. Kick Prison 20-60 minutes Powergaming This is a wide concept term and it's literal definition is varied. The concept of this term that you perform an action which your character is incapable of. Examples of this are god-like abilities. It is commonly referred to when a player powergames with the /me command. Use of the command to perform an action your character would otherwise be incapable of is considered powergaming. For example; /me takes all your money or /me takes all your guns, are examples of powergaming. Prison 30-60 minutes Warn Avoiding role play Avoiding role play characterizes a broad range of actions that amount to deliberately avoiding an RP situation. Examples are driving off without a response when someone has tried to engage with you ICly. Kick Prison 15 minutes Spamming Chat/Cellphone/Family Chat Sending the same line of text 4+ times in a short period of time. Prison 60 minutes Temporary Mute (if necessary) Warn if repeated Spamming Keybinds Using a keybind repeatedly in a short period of time. Prison 10-60 minutes Temporary Mute (if necessary) Driver Drive By (DDB) Firing from the driver side of a vehicle. Prison 30-60 minutes Warn Healing in a gun fight Using anything to increase your HP/Armor if you've been shot in the past 30 seconds. This includes: Health/trunk kits, pot, crack, Sprunk machines littered around the map, food and vests. Prison 60 minutes, warn if repeated Offences Against Admin Related Incidents Exploiting Out of Admin Prison/Jail Escaping from admin prison or jail with the intention of doing so. Prison 90 minutes Fine 10% of Money (No less than $10,000) Warn Providing a False Statement Knowingly providing a false statement to an administrator. Punishment may vary based on severity. Prison 30-90 minutes Fine up to 20% of Money (No less than $20,000) Warn Ban if necessary Exploiting a Spectating Admin Using commands on an administrator while they are spectating. Prison 90 minutes Warn if repeated Abuse of /report Abusing the report function. Muted from /report Logging to Avoid Admin Punishment Knowingly logging to avoid a punishment from an admin Ban GENERAL OFFENCES AGAINST THE SERVER Exchanging OOC items for IC items It is a offense against the server to sell, trade, swap or exchange IC items for OOC items or OOC for IC items. This includes: IC/OOC Money, Trading OOC money for IC items and ect. The only exception to this offense is the transaction of in-game cash for Multimedia-related designs (ie: forum signatures). Ban + complete wipe of account money Receiving Unlawful Goods Knowingly Taking or Accepting or otherwise receiving, directly or indirectly, and then failing to promptly report any goods (money, materials, etc) which were obtained by a person through hacks or exploit. Ban (1 Month Temporary and Loss of Gang Slot (if Rank 5 or 6) and being blacklisted from ever holding a Gang Slot.) Mass Exploitation Using a server exploit to obtain anything valued at over $100,000 and failing to promptly report it. Ban Selling Staff/Leader Accounts Selling an account that has helper, advisor, moderator, admin or a leader position in a faction or gang. Permanent from any Staff Position and a 6-month community ban Failure to report a Ban Evader Knowingly failing to report any person who is ban evading (in any form). Ban (1 Week to 1 Month Temporary) Exploiting Credits Using any method to exploit Credits. Community-Wide Ban 75% Account Fine & Credits being revoked from accounts. Conduct which disrupts or interferes with the orderly operation of the server Conduct which disrupts or interferes with the orderly operation of the server Prison 60 minutes Server Advertising 45 Day Ban, 25% Account Fine Ban Evading Original Ban Time (Restart) at 150% of the original ban time, Fine 25% of the account Hacking Using any program or tool which gives an unfair advantage to yourself by modifying your client. (Such as vehicle or weapon hacks.) 15-30 Days Ban, Health Hacks/Name Tags: 30-45 Days Ban Threats of DDoS and/or use or distribution of malicious software This includes threats of DDoS against the server as well as other players. It falls under this section if you threaten, perform or ask others to DDoS the server or another person. No Action Taken - up to 1-month ban (In severe cases) Money Farming Transferring money or any items of value from one account of your own to another. 1 Month Temporary Ban Stripped Account Permanent Ban if Repeated General Exploits Exploiting animations, faction vehicles, and ect to gain and unfair advantage over other players. Prison 60-90 minutes Warn Materials/Money Exploiting Transferring ownership of money or materials to avoid deductions based on percentage. Fine 50% of Total Holdings Prison 90 minutes. Warn Ban if repeated Abuse of /newb(ie) Abusing newbie chat for purposes other than server related questions and answers. Muted from chat, will face progressive punishment including a fine and/or other punishment. Abuse of /ad(vertisement) Using /ad in a non-RP manner or with an abuseful purpose. Muted from chat, will face progressive punishment including a fine and/or other punishment. Abuse of /v Spamming or using the chat as an advertisement service (the exception to this is VIP tokens) Muted from VIP chat and Jail 30 Minutes of repeated or severe. Use of Unauthorized Items at Event Use of Unauthorized Items at an Event Prison 60 minutes. Kill to ensure loss of items Releasing Hitman Names Releasing the name of a hitman Prison 90 minutes. Fine 50% of Total Money (No less than $20,000) Warn Running/Swimming Time Exploit Exploiting to avoid the AFK Timer Ban Alt-Tab to Avoid Death Pausing from your game in order to avoid death Prison 60-90 minutes. Warn Car Surfing Riding on the top of a car in motion, with or without the use of animations. Excludes pickup truck beds, and pre-approved mods for the RV and other large vehicles. Slap / Jail 30 Minutes if repeated Logging Out Within Cell block Area (of prison) Logging off whilst inside the cell block area of the prison. Ban Non-RP Behavior Any conduct which is considered to be Non-RP Behavior and/or if a player has more then 5 people in the back of their Sadler [or any pickup style vehicle] or 15 in the back of their Flatbed (It may be considered Non-RP Behavior if the vehicle is driving excessive speeds) it will be considered Non-RP Behavior. Prison 30-60 minutes Warn if repeated Gang Strike (if applicable) Group Kick (if applicable) GANG RELATED OFFENCES Point Boundary Violation Firing at a person or vehicle outside of the boundaries of a point. Prison 60-90 minutes Gang Strike Attending two points Attempting to capture a second point while you're already capturing one. Gang Strike Gang Leader Fined $1,000,000-$3,000,000 L.E.O OFFENCES Stacking of Charges Placing of charges that are not standard or are repetitive. Prison 60-90 minutes. Faction Kick Releasing/Clearing of the Arrested Suspect Fine 10% of Money (No less than $10,000) Excessive Ticket/Jail/Prison Prisoning, jailing, or ticketing a player with an excessive and nonstandard amount. Prison 60-90 minutes. Faction Kick Fine 2x amount of ticket/jail (Additional Offenses): Global faction ban up to 6 months Logging/Use of /kill to Avoid Logging/Use of /kill to Avoid Arrest Prison 60-90 minutes. Fine 10% of Money (No less than $10,000) (Additional Offenses): Global faction ban up to 6 months Logging to avoid Disconnecting from the server to avoid death or roleplay Prison 60 minutes. Faction Kick (Additional Offenses): Global faction ban up to 6 months Logging/Use of /kill to Avoid Hits Logging/Use of /kill to Avoid Hits Prison 90 minutes. Fine Amount of Hit Faction Kick (Additional Offenses): Global faction ban up to 6 months Abuse of In-Character Radios Using in-character radios (/d and /r) in an abusive manner. Prison 30-60 minutes. Warn (Additional Offenses): Global faction ban up to 6 months Stealing Faction Weapons Taking weapons from faction lockers against the factions own policy. Prison 60-90 minutes. Fine 10% of total money (1m minimum) (Additional Offenses): Global faction ban up to 6 months Abuse of Faction Commands Abuse of /m, /nr, /live, /gov, etc. Prison 30-90 minutes. Faction Kick (Additional Offenses): Global faction ban up to 6 months Contracting Fellow LEO Faction Members Contracting another faction member of a law enforcement agency without approval from a DGA Supervisor. Faction Kick Global faction ban up to 6 months Deliberate Harming of Fellow Faction Members Attempting to kill, taze, or assault faction members without approval from a DGA Supervisor. Prison 60-90 minutes for Non-RP Behavior. Global faction ban up to 6 months Starting a War without DGA Approval Faction members/government agencies starting a war (use of military action) between Tierra Robada and San Andreas without approval from a DGA Supervisor. Global faction ban up to 6 months Abuse of Water-Weaponized Vehicles (Splashy/Fire Truck) Using a splashy or fire truck in a defensive way to avoid getting killed. Prison 60 minutes. Faction Kick (Additional Offenses): Global faction ban up to 6 months Abuse of Ammunition-Weaponized Vehicles (Hunter, Hydra, SeaSparrow, etc.) Using a weaponized vehicle that goes against the weaponized vehicle policy. Prison 60-90 minutes. Global faction ban up to 2 months Causing Faction Tension Knowingly causing OOC tension between two or more factions without any roleplay justification. Global faction ban up to 2 months Unauthorized Use of Explosives or Mass Destruction Any unauthorized use of explosives to cause harm to a large number of people or to destroy a dynamic door/gate without approval of a DGA Supervisor in accordance with the Raids and Raiding Policy. Prison 90 minutes. Global faction ban up to 2 months
  14. Image Hosting Server

    we are proud to announce that NLG now has its own image uploading system, you can upload images to share with your friends, or to use in your signatures/profile/ forum post! CLICK HERE
  15. Below you will find the connection information and the status(s) of the various servers ran by NLG SA-MP: samp.nl-gaming.net TEAMSPEAK: ts.nl-gaming.net