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  1. (( OOC Application )) Name: Confidential. Country: Philippines. Timezone: GMT +8 Hello, I'm here to participate here. I want to be part of HMA or be the leader of the faction itself. I've led this faction in many servers, servers that recently died. This is the perfect time for me to post this thread as all the factions get purged. If you'd give me a chance to lead this faction, you'll never regret it and I will do my best to keep this faction alive. (( IC )) Hitmen Agency - The Hitman Agency in direct translation. One of the most respected factions, the family of elite players as we call it. All you have to do is fulfill the favors of some individuals, the payment is done before you have to fulfill a contract. You are a simple man in the eyes of others, but your mind describes the qualities of the agency. A true member of this faction must first of all excel through mental abilities, agility and perfection. Now let's get a little bit of a piece of the Hitmen Agency. We have a limited number of vehicles like Sparrow, Buffalo. Often, we choose the easiest way, this being the use of nature, technology. In the future, we want to expand as much as possible, to raise the agency to a higher level with any organization. The three cities need quiet, the citizens of a normal life and of course the agency needs satisfied customers. "When you kill for money, there are no rules!"