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    Gangs OOC Activities/Turf Rules

    Gang OOC Activities (( Points )) As a gang leader , You've to read these rules regarding gangs , So the point rules are simple and usual rules but you've to following them or if you'll be seen breaking any DGA Policies , you'll be give a gang warning (( strike )). 1. You need atleast one members with you and total members 2 (( including the L )). 2. There are some boundries of points (( will be mentioned down )) so you cannot shoot anyone outside the point, you can't shoot a person while if you're standing inside the point and he's outside the boundry of point. 3. You can use roofs in points (( doesn't matter if it's reachable ICly or not , as points are OOC )) 4. You can only cap one point at once. 5. A Family/group without any strikes can own 4 points , it's the limit, Family with 1 Strike can own 3 points only. While on the other a family with 2 strikes (( 2/3 )) CANNOT capture points, they can only claim turfs. 6. When /captured a point , you have to STAY INSIDE THE POINT till the point is over. 7. Vehicle exploits will are not allowed, mean if you're using a cover with vehicles , it's not allowed. 8. Once you enter the point, RK/KOS/DM is allowed as usual. (( To be updated ))
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    New HQ Location

    Best of luck!
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    Dedicated Server Status!

    keep it up