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  1. http://lspd.nl-gaming.net/index.php For more information about LSPD, please redirect on that link.
  2. Henry

    Useful Thread

    Please place the needed thread here. Complaints, Ban Appeals, Helper Thread and etc. I need to have a childboards in Police Department, whom should I contact regarding that? Or, should I make a request in forum?
  3. **THIS LETTER WOULD BE LEFT ON MAILBOX OF JUDICIAL BRANCH** 001 Police Plaza St, Pershing Square, March 27, 2018 "An Open Letter Impeachment Complaint" This is a verified complaint for the impeachment of respondent Vijay Joshi, current incumbent president of San Andreas State. According to Violation of Jurisdiction. Section I - Civilian's Information Name: Henry Brusca Designated Position: Chief of Police Years of Living in San Andreas: Five Phone Number: Two-Two-Five-Five (2255) Section II - Dispute Information Position of Respondent: President Reason of Dispute: Abuse of Power (Suspension & Jurisdiction) Violator/s: Vijay Joshi Section III - Question and Answer Do you think that this Impeachment Complaint is reasonable and will take in hearing?: Yes. Do you agree that you will provide all of the evidence during the hearing?: Yes. Resolution you seek: Termination of President Vijay Joshi. Section IV - Additional Information I requested a formal meeting towards President Vijay Joshi, and during the meeting I was suspended for talking after he told to shut my mouth. This is not the president that we need. I gave my proposal regarding the jurisdiction of the Police Department's Internal Affairs. But it was dis-approved for the reason that Cabinet Secretary in Government will be taking over all the department. Internal Affairs of Police Department is there for reasons. Thus, the suspension letter that he made will be invalid, as well Internal Affairs will continue working on fighting against corruption and crimes inside the Governmental Department. Therefore, I hereby declared this Impeachment Complaint against Government, I'll take care all of this letter. All of information needed here was filled-up and I solemnly say all of information was written here is only truth. Out of Character: Everyone is not allowed to reply here except Judicial Branch and Game Affairs, whatever the reasons would be.