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*FBI Application*-((*Ꮙιנαу Ꮰσѕнι*))

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*Application for FBI Department*

Surname: Vijay

Forename:  Joshi

Gender(IC):  Male

Gender(OOC): Male

In-game level(OOC): 5

Age(OOC): 25

Age(IC):  26

Phone Number (IC): 191554

Geographical location(OOC): New Delhi,India (Asia)

Screenshot of your Stats(OOC):

Screen shot No.1 : Stats (Page First)


Screen shot No.2 : Stats (Page Second)


Screen shot No.3 : Licenses



Have you passed Level 3 with any character on this server?(OOC): Yes, with my only character Vijay Joshi

How long have you been a citizen of this server?(OOC): 27/02/2018

Are you currently in employment?: Yes,i am

If yes, what is your current occupation?: Position: Corporal ,Los Santos Police Department

Have you ever been convicted for a serious crime?: No

Have you ever served time in prison?: No

Can you communicate effectively in the English language?(OOC): Yes,i do.


Do you hold a full Los Santos Driving License?: Yes,i do.

Has your driving license ever been suspended?: No

Life Story(Minimum 250 words):


I was born in 1992/01/01 at 05:22 my mother gave birth to me at All Saints general hospital at the MNC clinic. When I was 6 my mother passed away in a car accident unfortunately, that left me to myself due to that my father left my mother a few months after my birth. I had two younger brothers and one sister but I've never seen them. When I was 6 I was put into a foster care and I had difficulties adjusting to the new environment at first but that changed after a few months living with them. They raised me as one of their own kids they treated me well and was helping me out a lot with the struggle I've been through. My foster dad had a cousin that was a professor at the University of Los Santos. I was with him a few days watching him work and that saw what astonishing work he had accomplished with different criminal incidents. That made me think that I'd like to become a FBI Agent. At the age of 15 he took me in as his youngest recruit ever and started teaching me the basics of the criminology and that elaborated quickly I started to read about the proclaimed offenders on a cellular level and I was sent into a whole new world. I studied for 5 years straight and graduated as a regular Law student with the specialty of Law & Crimes. After that, I read 3 more years to become a Police Officer and that went successfully. I started working for a Los Santos Police Department after my graduation.On my way in the working with Los Santos Police Department i like to expand the possibilities of my skills,experience,talents & knowledge which i have gained in the past years so now as per my aspirations and motivation i got from my proffessor i decided to place my steps towards the higher authoritative department that is FBI.
Tell us about yourself and why you want to be in the FBI(IC):(Minimum 200 words)


I am applying for this 'FBI Department' because I wish to serve and protect the city with my life. A good citizen must try to develop and serve his country to make it great and the best way to do it directly is to become an employer within the FBI Department. If I join the FBI Department, I would discharge my heart and soul to this job. The city is an one big nasty place and the people of the city is not safe anywhere. And the protection of the citizen is valuable. I want to be a part of the FBI Department and help the fellow citizens, as well as to protect them with my life. I don't care about my life, my first priority is to protect the people of the city and I can assure that. I will do anything to protect them. And if you want to ensure the citizens security, you need trust worthy and loyal officer, and I am one of them. So if I join the FBI Department , it would be a great help to the city and I will be glad to fulfill and discharge my duties perfectly as a fellow people of the city. Also, i have few skills and intelligence which I can contribute to the FBI Department. There are not only one but more then one. Hardworking, trustworthy, loyalty and the ability to get any kind a job done. Firstly, hardworking. I am a really hardworking fellow. To get a job done I'll work for days with zero breaks and distractions. And I won't rest until my job is completely finished. Secondly, trustworthy. Trust is currently very rare in this world. It's hard to trust someone anywhere, anytime. But as for me everyone can trust me with their heart and I will make sure that trust doesn't go away easily. Thirdly, loyalty. As a honest and trust worthy man, I am also a loyal person. Because when someone becomes trustworthy he will truly become a loyal man and that it always comes in handy in the hard time. Finally, pure skill. I have the skill to get any job done as I don't care what is it and how hard it is. I only know that the job is given to me and my duty is to get the job done, no matter what it costs. These are the skills I could contribute to the FBI Department with my best.

Do you know your way around Los Santos well? (OOC): Yes,i do.

Tell us about your hobbies or about other interests(IC):

Bicycling, Swimming, Patrolling, Traveling, Fishing, Team Sports, Helping Citizens, House Builder

What was your previous workplace and if you can please give us some documents to prove that: My previous and current workplace is the Los Santos Police Department

Evidentiary Document



Date:  13/03/2018


тнαnкιng уσυ
Ꮃαrмℓу Ꮢєgαr∂ѕ


*Ꮙιנαу Ꮰσѕнι*
Ꭰєѕιgиαтє∂ Ꮯιтιzєn
Ꮮσѕ Ꮥαитσѕ Ꭾσℓι¢є Ꭰєραrтмєnт
Ꮮσѕ Ꮥαитσѕ, ֆαn Ꭺn∂rєαѕ

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