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  1. The Security Headquarters for Illegal Firearms and Trafficking is a Law Enforcement Agency based all over San Andreas (with their Headquarters being in Los Santos), so make sure you're likely to be based in those areas before you apply.
It is considered an 'Expert Level' faction, as you need the following to apply: Level 6,
Previous LEO Experience is preferred.
Applicants are put under extreme scrutiny during application process.
There are currently four divisions within SHAFT:
General Duties [GND] | Anti-Trafficking Task Force [ATT] | Field Operations [FO] | Office of Professional Responsibility [OPR]
In order to know whether or not this faction is the one you wish to join, you need to know in-depth information about the divisions that it holds.
General Duties [GND] - The General Duties division is the default SHAFT division that new members and even some older members are placed into. General Duties simply perform a little of every task within SHAFT, but do not take any specific responsibility. Probationary Agents are placed into General Duties until they pick a division or reach the rank of Agent, and some members are General Duties because they are, for whatever reason, not a part of another division.
Anti-Trafficking Task Force [ATT] - The Anti-Trafficking Task Force division is known for stopping the trafficking of illegal substances into the cities within San Andreas. One such method of doing so is setting up station at the several tolls around the country, and making sure that any vehicle passing them is not carrying anything illegal. They may document the inflow from different areas of the country in order to target those areas and put an end to it.
Field Operations [FO] - Field Operations is the division that creates casefiles on dangerous suspects, documenting any form of crime that a suspect may commit, mainly focusing on the trafficking of illegal goods. They also assist Special Operations in capturing casefile suspects.
Office of Professional Responsibility [OPR] - The Office of Professional Responsibility is unique in the fact that it has two sub-tasks, Internal Affairs and Training and Recruitment. The OPR is the most elite division within SHAFT, dealing with both corruption and the introduction of new members. However, despite it being classified as the same division, Internal Affairs and the Training and Recruitment departments do not get involved with each other's work. The OPR takes authority over situations in front of any other division on the field. OPR have the authority to investigate any other government factions other than the Government itself, the FBI and NOOSE.

Director Nu.
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