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Next Level Gaming was created on the 26/2/2018, its a new start gaming community with the purpose of bringing players of all different games together to appreciate playing shit and shredding shit together, our primary focus is SA-MP, as our staff team has been playing samp for many years, me personally since 2009, We strive to build and grow our Roleplay server into what is hopefully deemed a success, we are starting small and working out way up to the top, in the coming months we are going to be branching out and running countless other servers for countless other games, a few ideas on the table are currently a RUST server, and Garry's Mod Server, a 7 Days To Die server, and their are many more being discussed regulary, so please if you've joined here and don't play SA-MP and have no interest in playing SAMP, keep checking back from time to time, mainly the connection info and status thread as new servers and new opportunities will arise, if you have a favorite game and are confident you have what it takes to run a server for it, please don't hesitate to private message me, or any other of the friendly admins as you could be given complete control over the server of the game you love to play! because let's face it, its more fun when your in control!

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