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Script Update 7.3

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In version 7.3 of NLRP the following has been added/changed

  1. Re designed VIP interior
  2. Spas12 added back to the VIP locker
  3. Point capture times adjusted
  4. Turf capture times adjusted
  5. Moved the VIP garage exit so its not as close to the vip entrance
  6. Redesigned some admin commands to make them easier and quicker to use
  7. Along with your hourly paycheck you also now receive 100 shop credits per paycheck to spend on the shop(s)
  8. Adjusted position of the MOTD
  9. Changed some textdraw draw distances
  10. Edited /ddedit so by default theirs no groupID assigned
  11. Adjusted the gates to auto fill out the basics Steamdistance/range/speed

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