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Script Update 7.4

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Not a whole lot of changes from 7.3 as 7.3 was released not even 12 hours ago, notible changes in this version are the Gold VIP you receive upon registatrion now "sticks" their were reports beforehand that under rare conditions you'd lose the gold vip upon restart and have to /report to get it back, this has been rectified in the way of "setting" it twice, forcing it to save to your account, NEW registered players now also receive 2 Car Vouchers which can be redeemed by typing /myvouchers once youve arrived at /nlgshop, 7.4 was extensively tested on the newly released beta server for the past 3 hours and its deemed ready for release on the MAIN server, the updated script will become available tomorrow morning at 9am GMT+10 along with scheduled maintenance as this is our current off peak (usually 0 players) as to not disrupt the players who are currently InGame, 7.4 revision won't stick around for long though as their are quite alot of changes being made to the gamemode tomorrow as discussed by administrators, namely the redesign of the ipwhitelist as a few admins ip's are changing every 5 minutes, so a soft whitelist system is set to be implemented which works of country rather then specific ip, this new system will only apply to Senior admins and below as they are deemed less of a security risk then those above, so stay tuned theirs alot more to come!

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