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Script Update 8.4

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Below are the following changes made in Revision 8.3

  1. New player spawn has been changed to city hall
  2. removed nation selection from character creation (all players default to San Andreas)
  3. Nation of tierra robada has been disabled until the player base rises
  4. Before only money would save on HA+ admin accounts, this has been changed to allow Junior Admins and above
  5. Vip interior changes
  6. Locker updates
  7. Mysql updates
  8. Mysql saving system is now more dynamic and faster
  9. Updated the Gates system to allow the use of new model ID's
  10. Improved the toys/ toys editing system
  11. Improved the /editgroup commands 
  12. Removed some old unused usless code that wasn't being used by anything
  13. Fixed the paintball system, aswell as setup the arenas, you can now play paintball!

The 8.3 Version will be available on the MAIN server in roughly an hour, just going through the final BETA testing phase to make sure everything works the way it should

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