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Script Update 8.6

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Okay, script version 8.6 has followed 8.4 Roughly 2 hours after 8.4 was released, below are the following fixes/updates

  1. Admin command added to allow admins to give players Restricted Car Vouchers
  2. Lead Head Admin system has been implemented
  3. Slightly adjusted the new player spawn position
  4. Added the last 2 paint ball arenas
  5. Fixed up the crates in the mysql database
  6. Improved login message load time
  7. Adjusted the motd textdraw
  8. Re assigned certain admin commands to different ranks
  9. Fixed the /spawnatvip commandSlightly reduced the "objects loading please wait" timer, so you can move faster after entering/exiting custom interior
  10. You can now also use your car/restricted car vouchers anywhere! you no longer have to be at the NLG shop!

This Script Is Now On The Beta Server, It Will Be On The Main Server Once Testing Has Been Completed

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