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Expanding Servers Hosted By Us!

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As you are all aware the SA-MP Roleplay server is well underway, but if your like me you don't always feel like playing samp, currently we had a ridiculous amount of leftover resources on the dedicated server, we could almost run 30 SAMP servers before we came close to the limit, so im putting it out their what other servers for what other games would you like to see? IF a game has a DEDICATED SERVER option we can run it, and you might just so happen to be put in charge of all aspects of it, so please don't hesitate to comment below on what other servers you would like to see supported by Next Level Gaming!

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Well,its quite a Good idea that our community will be growing more with expanding new possibilties of platforms for the players to struck with.As i would be suggesting games such as:

1. Counter Strike

2. GTA V


I would also like to suggest that our samp server community needs some pace and acceleration and alteration in terms of many stratergic plans of the server.As the player peak is going low by low their are many possibilities of mishappenings which the Community might face due to this problem.So to eradicate this problem we (community supporters) would be much more supportive and assistful in accordance with any kind of help we could present to our lovely community.


Ꮆɛռɛʀᴀℓ Ꭺ∂мιɴιѕтʀαтσʀ

Fᴀᴄтισɴ Ꮇσ∂єrαтσʀ

тнαnкιng уσυ
Ꮃαrмℓу Ꮢєgαr∂ѕ


*Ꮙιנαу Ꮰσѕнι*

Ꭰєѕιgиαтє∂ Ꮯιтιzєn

Ꮥαɴ Ꭺɴ∂ʀєαѕ Ꮆσνєʀɴмєռт
Ꮮσѕ Ꮥαитσѕ, ֆαn Ꭺn∂rєαs

*Ṇєχт Ꮮєνєℓ  Ꮢσℓєρℓαу Ꮯσммυɴιту*


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