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*Recruitment Requirements*-((Must Read before Applying))

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[1.0] Requirements

The requirements of the San Andreas Government Department are straightforward and simple to achieve. To join the department you must first meet the requirements set by the Human Resources Division. Before applying for the government department, applicants must first make sure that the recruitment status is OPEN before sending in any applications. If you send an application whilst recruitment is still CLOSED You will be denied instantly. If it is clear in your application, you have given no effort then you will be automatically denied from the department.

[1.1] Applicant Requirements

Before applying, you should consult this list of requirements and make sure you’re ready to go through the recruitment process.

  • You must be at-least 21 years of age before submitting your application.
  • You mustn't have a major criminal record.
  • You must have the ability to drive a motor-vehicle and hold a valid driver’s license.
  • You must be physically and mentally fit for the job.
  • You must be able to speak and write fluently in the English language.

If an applicant has recently been fired from the government department, they are required to wait 14 days before re-applying to the department. If you re-apply before this time frame has passed, you may be faction banned from the department.

If an applicant has been banned from the department, they may apply for a ban-appeal 14 days after the date of their ban. Once they have been unbanned they must wait an additional 7 days before applying to the department with an application. If you have been banned from the department, regardless of any previous rank you may have held - you will have to go through the recruitment process as everyone else should.

If you have been denied, you must wait a further 7 days before attempting to re-apply, overlooking this policy will result in you being banned.

[1.2] (( Out of Character Requirements ))

  • You must be atleast level 5 before applying for the faction.
  • You must be able to speak and type fluently in English.
  • You must have the ability to role-play to a high standard.
  • You must apply as your main character, we do not accept alt(ernate) accounts.
  • You must not get admin prisoned or banned during the time your application is up.
  • You must have a good OOC reputation, and not be known as a troll/rulebreaker.
  • You must use your main forum account to create the application, or it will be denied instantly.
  • You must list all the past names the applying character has used, failure to do so results in a Departmental Ban.

NOTE: If you were recently fired/resigned from a faction, you must wait 7 days to apply, we won't be setting applications on hold anymore. Applying before will get your application instantly denied.

[2.0] Applications

When you are applying for the San Andreas Government Department, ensure that your VSPAG (Vocabulary, Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) is correct for the most part and that you have written your application to the best of your ability.
(( Remember to list your character's previous names. Also list your past characters, including any CKed ones. ))
Once your application has been reviewed, do not constantly harass a member of the Human Resources division’s members as this may result in your application being
denied - you can only ask one member of the Human Resources division to process your application if it has not been replied to within the past 24 hours.

[2.1] Reinstatements

The following criteria now applies for Reinstatements:

  • You must have an active Employee profile or have evidence that you were an Officer or higher within the past 6 months OR you must have achieved Senetor or higher, or served the department for 2 weeks+.
  • You may also reinstate if you were in a Municipal or State Assembly faction other than Government in the past 1 months, with valid evidence.
  • You must have a valid firearm license.
  • If you have been an Politician or higher before 2 months of applying, you may have to start over as a bodyguard.
  • If you were terminated or faction banned (and then unbanned in an appeal), you will have to start over as a bodyguard regardless of your former rank.
  • If you were charged for any misdemeanors or felonies since your last resignation (will be reviewed during Dirty Background Check), you will be forced to start over as a Bodyguard.

[2.2] Plagiarism and Error Check

Once you have submitted your application, the Recruitment Officer who reviews your application will first cross-check your application details with various other applications, both from Government Archives as well as other factions. Make sure you have not plagiarized any details from other archived applications or you can get Faction Banned. If your application has any misplaced information, doesn't meet word limit, has many errors in the Vocabulary/Grammar or doesn't have proper documents uploaded then it is set to CORRECTIONS. You then have 72 hours to fix the mentioned errors.

[2.3] Background Check

Once your application has been reviewed, recruitment officers will process your name through the database to check your criminal record and set your application to Pending Background Check. Once this has been enforced, the scenarios listed below will be taken into account.

Felonies and Misdemeanors - If you have between 1-3 felonies or 1-7 misdemeanors, your application will be set to Pending State Government Recommendations. You will then require a majority vote among the State Government team. If you have more felonies/misdemeanors than the defined limit, your application will be denied instantly.
If there are multiple charges of both types present, 3 misdemeanors will be equated to 1 felony.

[2.4] Pending Interview

Once your application clear the background check, your application will then be set to Pending. At this point, you are to contact a Human Resources recruiter and wait for them to call you over to the station. At no point are you allowed to harass any recruiter, as this can result in an instant denial.
Depending on the outcome of the interview, you can then be Reinstated, Denied or Accepted.


[3.0] Department Interview and Post-Interview

[3.1] Department Interview

As stated above, when your application is on Pending, you are to contact a Human Resources recruiter and they'll arrange an interview time for you. At the allocated time, you are to head to the office where the recruiter will ask for your ID and want to fully frisk you for any potential illegal items. You are to comply with the recruiter and if everything checks out, he will then take you to a closed room for the interview session.
During this session, the interviewer will ask you various questions and study your body language. He will deem whether or not you're fit for the department, both physically and mentally. If you manage to clear this stage, you may then be Reinstated or Accepted.

The Handbook knowledge test is no longer a part of the Interview.
(( Be sure to connect to the NL:RP Teamspeak server so that the Interviewer can test your general communication skills. ))

[3.1] Post-Interview

If you were Reinstated into the department, you'll be given a brief summary of your assigned duties and any changes that have happened in the Government since you were last in it. After this, you are to resume said assigned duties.
If you were Accepted as a fresh Bodyguard, you will then be transferred over to a Human Resources political traninng for a course that lasts 1-2 hours. During this course, you will be given a copy of the SAPD manual to read over. You will then be taught the basics of being a Cadet, what duties you are allowed and not allowed to do .etc. After the end of the course, you will be given a small exam and if you manage to clear it, you will then be permitted to the 7 day Academy course.
If you fail the exam, you will be
denied instantly.



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*Ṇєχт Ꮮєνєℓ  Ꮢσℓєρℓαу Ꮯσммυɴιту*


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