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The Script Update Of All Updates!

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Their was a discussion happening recently on the discussion of Next level Roleplay's future, you may have noticed over the past week their has been basically 0/100 Players on the server, this is not what we like to see, The staff team and I were having a little guessing game trying to work out why this has occured, and to put it simply its because the script is too much like NGG, which isn't necessarily a bad thing but for you the PLAYERS it begins to feel stale after a few weeks, and as you may no their are many many many NGG "revives" being created on an almost daily basis, which this isn't very good news for us as we're in a constant competition so this is where the update of all updates begin, the server is set to be locked for an estimated time of 2 weeks, during that time development will be going around the clock, changing almost every single aspect of the script which includes NERFING the economy, because lets face it its incredibly non RP having to pay 3k for a phone, 10k for a phone book, 1 million dollars for a sultan, so the first order of businesses is changing the pay rates FOR EVERY SINGLE THING YOU CAN BUY AND SELL, this is expected to take me roughly a week as i have become comfortable working with the script, i know what goes where, and what to code and what to change to keep everything efficient and fast, So please check back constantly namely the script update section in development as their are going to be changes and revisions constantly, once we feel the script is up to our NEW standards the password will be removed, now... you may be thinking oh "fuck" all accounts are going to be deleted in favour of a more balanced economy, but no that's not the case, a simple mysql script will be run to divide everyones current balance by a certain percentage to match the new economy, thats all for now! we at Next Level Gaming thank you for your patience and understanding


UPDATE 7-4-18

  1. Marriage cost significantly reduced
  2. Advertisement/Priority Advertisement cost significantly reduced
  3. Cost of sprunk reduced
  4. Medical bill upon death significantly reduced
  5. Cost of everything in the hitman locker signifcantly reduced
  6. Max bail price Reduced
  7. Cost of /SMS reduced
  8. Hourly paycheck reduced
  9. ATM Fee reduced
  10. Taxi Licence Fee reduced
  11. Cost of Armour from VIP/Famed/Dedicated Significantly reduced
  12. Fines for /su reduced
  13. Trucked Job Relocated to LS, More information on this shortly
  14. Pay rates for all jobs adjusted according to the new economy (eg, dropping a patient off at the hospital used to give 20k, it now gives 2k.)

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