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*Teamspeak Request*

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*Teamspeak Request*

1.Teamspeak name:-  Vijay

2.What you would like your channel to be called:- I want to join in the already existing Administrators Staff Channel!


Feedback will be most welcomed! 
Thanking You For Your Precious Time


тнαnкιng уσυ
Ꮃαrмℓу Ꮢєgαr∂ѕ



*Ꮙιנαу Ꮰσѕнι*
Head Administrator
Public Relations

"post my name with no spaces anywhere on the forums"

11/03/2018 - 01/04/2018
01/04/2018 - 11/03/2018
Community Positions (Excl. admin related)
 | Community Advisor | Helper Management| Head Administrator | Community Representative | Faction Moderator | Public Relations | Human Resource
Roleplay Achievements
Los Santos Police Department | San Andreas Government | San Andreas State Treasury | San Andreas President | Los Santos Senate Representative |Social Worker | Municipal Ward Representative
*Ṇєχт Ꮮєνєℓ  Ꮢσℓєρℓαу Ꮯσммυɴιту* | Specialists |  | Cartel | Platanium | Imperium



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