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*San Andreas Senate - An Overview*

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I. Introduction:

San Andreas Senate is the sole legislative body of the state of San Andreas. Senate was established, protected, and empowered by San Andreas Constitution. Senate makes and enacts laws or constitutional amendments in the form of a public discussion and voting among senators. Citizens of San Andreas can voice their opinion via senators during a law-making discussion.

II. Terms:

As defined in San Andreas Constitution, senators serve terms of three (3) months each.

III. Citizen Participation:

The sheer number of people in the state of San Andreas will make discussions and forums very difficult to manage and reach a compromise if everyone were to given the access to a discussion. Senate was made so that people's opinion are organized by a senator and collectively represented during a discussion. Within this smaller group, discussions can proceed with a speedy manor while retaining people's opinion. Even though citizens might feel distanced from the government by this medium known as Senate and that they are not directly communicating in a law-making process, citizens are still encouraged to actively participate by contacting senators with your concern and your opinion. We do not want you to be discouraged from participating in shaping your state's law and policy.

There are two ways citizens can actively participate in shaping political policies: Elections and communicating with senators.


At the very end of each senatorial term, elections will be hosted to elect new senators. It is the most direct way which a citizen influence the government.

Election is not limited to selecting new senators! San Andreas Constitution Article IV Section 7 empowers citizens to start a recall election to remove senators. However, you must reach 60 votes in 10 days and an opposing senator must be chosen during the recall election.

Communicating with senators:

Senate is where additions, deletions, and amendments to laws and the constitution happens. Senate is always open for public to view.

As a citizen you have the rights to contact your senator and exert your idea and opinion in an ongoing bill. It is senators' duty to reflect your will onto those discussions. If you feel like your senator is not representing your will, you can always start a recall election mentioned above.

IV. Recall Election:

San Andreas Constitution Article IV, Section 7 provides every citizen the right to recall a senator. A petition can be started at anytime within our website.


SEC. 7. The process of recalling elected legislative officials is as follows:
(a) A petition with the sole intent to recall the official must reach 60 valid signatures in the period of 10 days.
(b) An opposing candidate must be chosen by the electorate through a recall primary.
(c) A recall election between the recall candidate and the public official being recalled will occur, the winner of a plurality in this election will assume the contested office.

V. Passing Legislation:

The Legislative Branch of the San Andreas Government is tasked with voting on laws that will effect the entire State. For a bill that is introduced to the Senate floor to be passed into law it must go through the following process.
1. 1 week discussion period where Senator places their votes on the bill within that time period. If the bill fails to get a majority of the yes votes by Senators the bill will be rejected
2. The Bill passes a majority vote by the Senate and it will be presented to the President where he can sign it into law or Veto the bill.
3. The President has signed the bill or has not chosen to veto it within the 12-day period so the bill is now law and in San Andreas.


SEC. 4. (a) Each bill passed by the Legislature shall be presented to the President. It becomes a statute if it is signed by the President. The President may veto it by returning it with any objections to the house of origin, which shall enter the objections in the journal and proceed to reconsider it. If each house then passes the bill by roll call vote entered in the journal, two-thirds of the membership concurring, it becomes a statute.
(b) Any other bill presented to the President that is not returned
within 12 days becomes a statute


Feedback will be most welcomed! 
Thanking You For Your Precious Time


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