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Starting from the 14-4-2018 Next Level Roleplay is undergoing a considerable amount of changes, this post is set to be updated almost daily so i urge you all to constantly check back constantly for future planned changes/additions the estimated time until the "NEW" Script makes it to the main server is roughly 1-2 weeks depending on how quick and efficient i can code the gamemode, as currently the server is pretty Non-RP, for example the cost of most things are rediculously high, 2k for a phone, 150k just to place an advertisement, 10k for a vest, its just unrealistic and quite frankly bullshit, so this weeks goals are to nurf the cost and pay rates of EVERYTHING to a realistic value, below will be points that have been changed currently, the new script is currently going through constant testing and changes on the BETA SERVER


  1. Famed/Dedicated/Vip locker vest prices now $500
  2. Advertisement cost's now vary from $1000-$3000 depending on VIP level
  3. Sprunk costs now $5
  4. Payouts for all job reduced
  5. Cost of /vipnum reduced
  6. Maximum Taxi fare reduced
  7. Payout for dropping patient off at hospital reduced
  8. Cost of SMS/Phone calls reduced
  9. /namechange Reduced
  10. Lowered the payouts of /getgift
  11. Reduced all prices for the Hitman agency
  12. Reduced cost to rent/use paintball
  13. Adjusted maximum Fine/Bail amount for LEO officers
  14. Reduced Skin cost
  15. Reduced /buytoys cost on everything!
  16. Reduced /train
  17. Reduced to cost of ALL drugs which includes growing of POT
  18. Reduced the amount new players start with

Their has been many many many many! more changes then just what's been listed above, you may have noticed that the Next Level Roleplay server is still on version 8.8, this is now considered highly outdated and personally SA-MP 0.3.7 Is aswell, which is why the BETA server is now on 0.3DL and this opens MANY MANY MANY!!!!! new opportunities such as custom skins that everyone will see! aswell as custom objects of any kind, Their are plans on adding Custom skins such as (batman/ironman/superman/the hulk/ and many others) available for players to pay a premium fee and show off these limited skins, This is set to be implemented once the final economy checks have been made to ensure a stable economy, Sure theirs going to be things we've missed along the way and players will get a much higher payout then usual but thats okay, we log everything and its very simple to adjust the payout, 


Now currently their are well over 100 player owned businesses in the game and the prices for the items that are forsale still follow the old economy structure, so this is going to be a somewhat difficult task re adjusting the business prices, the current idea is to LOCK all current businesses with the exception of the business owner being able to enter and adjust their prices accordingly, until then one business of EACH type will be setup in a central location owned by the SERVER where players can buy and sell things as they would normally do until the business changes have been made, 


A mysql script will be run the DAY before the switch to 0.3DL and the new script to adjust all players cash on hand aswell as money in the bank to comply with the new economy! thats all for now we look forward to seeing you all in-game soon!

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