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We strive to provide fun, fair, enjoyable game servers for you all to enjoy, backed by powerful hardware to ensure lag free high performance enjoyment!

Rust3X Server Image
  Rust - |AU/NZ|S/D/T|3X|150+ PLUGINS| Procedural Map
Modded 2 Week
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Rust5X Server Image
  Rust - |AU/NZ|SOLO|5X|150+ PLUGINS| Procedural Map
Modded 2 Week
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Rust10x Server Image
  Rust - |AU/NZ|10X|150+ PLUGINS| Procedural Map
Modded 2 Week
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FiveM Image
FiveM - Next Level Roleplay A Highly Developed Roleplay Server 
1.5M Start Hiring Police/Ems/Mechanics
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FiveM Zombies Image
FiveM - Next Level Zombies An Extinction Style Zombie Experience 
7 Days Image
7 Days To Die A 7 Days To Die Server 
Modded Constantly Changing
DayZ Image
DayZ Standalone A Highly Customised DayZ Server 
Traders Base Building 260+ Custom Items Added!
SAMP Image
SA-MP Next Level Roleplay A Nostalgic San Andreas Roleplay Server 
Nostalgic Dynamic Factions Dynamic Gangs
A vending machine in Rust


Unfortunately Servers Aren't Free, We Appreciate Any Support In Providing Servers For You All To Enjoy, For A Full List Of Benefits, Checkout The #donating On Discord, A Quick Summary Of Perks include:
  • Ability to purchase Vehicles/Credits/Money on our FiveM Server
  • Rust Perks, Such as putting images on signs, crafting items with random skins and more!
  • The satisfaction of knowing you are single handedly supporting the servers!
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Do not use any third-party paid or free programs which provide an unfair advantage in-game. This includes scripts which can perform any action that is otherwise not possible to be performed ingame.

Do not do anything to bypass a ban on our server(s). Do not try to join with a different account if you were banned, sit it out. Any try to do so will result in additional bans.

Do not try to use any unfair advantages which were not intentially possible within the game. This includes but is not limited to accessing unaccessible areas and creating graphic errors or using graphical adjustments.

Do not insult other players via text chat or any other applicable communication channel. We want a friendly and comfortable place for everyone on our server(s). Not following this rule will result into temporary or permanent restrictions, in extreme cases bans.
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